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Your latest translations have been committed to the trunk for the 0.6.0 release. Thanks! -- Ryan 14-Jul-2007 11:19 PDT

Thanks again! I've added the latest Japanese updates to the source repository for the next release. -- Ryan 15-Sep-2007 11:14 PDT
Thanks yet again - latest translations are in Subversion as revision 1947 and will be included with the next release. I'm also planning on implementing the suggestions you've made on the Feature Requests page, I just need to find some time to do so. -- Ryan 06-Dec-2007 19:22 PST
Thanks for the latest updates - I'll make sure they get into the 0.6.6 release. -- Ryan 28-Apr-2008 12:15 PDT

Thanks for the updates! I've committed them for inclusion in JAMWiki 0.8.0. -- Ryan • (comments) • 08-Aug-2009 09:27 PDT

Thanks for your most recent updates - I've committed them for JAMWiki 1.1.2 in revision 3775. -- Ryan • (comments) • 10-Oct-2011 18:39 PDT
Thanks for the latest translation updates! I've committed them to trunk as revision 4156. -- Ryan • (comments) • 11-Aug-2012 09:13 PDT