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JAMWiki Mods

Very cool stuff on the GymWiki site... I'd be interested in how you implemented some of it - and in particular if you and your friend have created a basic plugin architecture for these mods. In the past there have been some similarly interesting modifications made to the JAMWiki code, but in the interest of keeping the main code lean it hasn't been possible to integrate them. Developing a plugin architecture that allows for easily integrating mods has been high on the to-do list for some time, but unfortunately there has been both a lack of clear vision on how it should be done, combined with a lack of time to develop and implement a solution...

Also, your wiki logo is awesome! -- Ryan 22-Jan-2008 22:12 PST

Quite frankly, most of our code right now is sloppy, and we know it. However, it's all within the realm of "cleanability"; the only thing stopping us from cleaning things up is that it's way more fun to make new features than it is to tidy up finished code. However, I'm sure that if we ever want to upgrade the base JAMWiki software ever again, we're going to need to go through all our mods anyway. I'll be sure to keep you updated on the status of these mods and how portable they are. --Ean 23-Jan-2008 06:10 PST
I definitely understand the allure of adding new features, and I very much envy you guys for being able to do so without having to worry about the evils of backwards-compatibility, upgrade support, or whether some change will break a site other than gymwiki :) Let me know if you encounter any bugs in JAMWiki, have suggestions for improvement, etc, and I'll keep an eye on this page in order to keep track of your developments. Glad the software is working for you - success stories like yours make it more fun for me to continue working on development. -- Ryan 23-Jan-2008 19:04 PST
Ryan, I am heavyhearted to tell you that ShelfLife, my parter in working on GymWiki, has passed away. It may be quite some time before I'm able to get back to you regarding our modifications. My apologies. --Ean 13-Feb-2008 16:57 PST
Very sorry to hear that. Best wishes going forward. -- Ryan 13-Feb-2008 20:51 PST