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Looks interesting! When I tried to edit I got a warning about edit being admin-only, but didn't see any other problems. I'll be interested to see how it develops, and if there is code you want to integrate back into JAMWiki please let me know. -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 10:25 PDT

Strange, the Feedback page was created with an admin account, but doesn't contain the admin flag? I have set the option "Force the setting of username" So instead of the administrators message JAMWiki should say something like "You have to register/login before yo can edit this article"
I will make an announcement if I have a public version available. -- Axel Kramer
I'll see if maybe it's a bug in my code somewhere - I'm sure there are still a lot of such bugs hiding in the code. I was hoping that perhaps you had modified the code in some way that might let me off the hook ;) -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 10:52 PDT
FYI after logging in I'm able to edit. -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 10:53 PDT
Looks like it's my code. I'll fix it - sorry about that! -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 10:54 PDT
Fixed - the problem was a dumb typo from the last release. In JAMWikiServlet update the following condition in the viewLogin() method:
if (errorMessage != null) {
    next.addObject("errorMessage", errorMessage);
I'll include the fix in the next beta, probably a bit later today. Sorry about that! -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 11:04 PDT

Bliki Parser

Hi Axel - I've just rebuilt my development environment to use JDK 1.4 by default. While compiling I'm getting an error that the bliki.jar file has been built JDK 1.5 only. Can you re-upload a version that is built with 1.4?

[javac] Compiling 139 source files to D:\code\workspace\wiki\trunk\build\classes
[javac] D:\code\workspace\wiki\trunk\src\java\org\jamwiki\parser\bliki\
   cannot access
[javac] bad class file: D:\code\workspace\wiki\trunk\lib\bliki.jar
[javac] class file has wrong version 49.0, should be 48.0
[javac] Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of the
[javac] import;
[javac]                               ^
[javac] Note: D:\code\workspace\wiki\trunk\src\java\org\jamwiki\db\
   uses or overrides a deprecated API.
[javac] Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
[javac] 1 error

Thanks! -- Ryan 09-Dec-2006 11:42 PST


Thanks for the German translation update - I've added your latest revision to the Subversion repository. -- Ryan 07-Sep-2006 14:17 PDT

Thanks again, I just pushed your latest change to the source code repository. -- Ryan 14-Sep-2006 09:50 PDT
I've added your latest translations to the source code repository - thanks! -- Ryan 16-Nov-2006 10:01 PST
Latest translations updated in the source code repository, thanks! -- Ryan 21-Nov-2006 12:31 PST
Thanks yet again! Latest translations have been added to Subversion for 0.6.0, and should now be appearing on -- Ryan 15-Aug-2007 01:23 PDT
I've added your German JAMWiki texts into Subversion for the next release - hopefully that's OK with you, and thanks for doing them! -- Ryan 08-Jan-2008 22:11 PST


Hi Axel - thanks for the information about the Bliki parser. Would it be OK with you to move that information to Installation#Configuration? I think it's more likely to be seen there by individuals who are configuring JAMWiki.

yes it's ok -- Axel Kramer

Also, if you're interested I'd be happy to add the Bliki parser to the JAMWiki Subversion repository in the org.jamwiki.parser.alt package. I've been keeping the old VQWiki parser around only as an example of how to implement an alternative parser, but it doesn't work and isn't maintained so I'd like to replace it. If you'd rather maintain your parser separately that's perfectly fine as well. Of course, if it becomes a part of the JAMWiki repostitory then I'd definitely want you to have access to the Subversion repository, and I'd also help out with making sure that any JAMWiki changes don't break your parser. Let me know! -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 12:27 PDT

Wow! Actually, now that I'm looking at your code I'll leave it up to you whether or not you want to integrate anything back into JAMWiki! Didn't realize your parser was such a major rewrite! Let me know if you have any interest in integrating any code back into JAMWiki, otherwise let me know if there is anything I can do to make your work easier. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 12:34 PDT
The latest source code can now be found in the projects SVN Repository: I Hope this is ok for you? -- Axel Kramer
Hi Axel - Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. I was simply wondering if it would be easier for you if some of the Bliki parser code was eventually made part of the official JAMWiki release. I would imagine it's a bit difficult to maintain your code and also track changes in JAMWiki. If that isn't something that would be of benefit to you then don't worry about it - I'm just trying to make it easier for the two projects to work together!
I'll keep an eye on your project, it looks quite promising. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 14:28 PDT

Subversion Write Access

Hi Axel - I know you're doing a lot of work with the JAMWiki codebase as part of Bliki, so please let me know if you would like write access to the JAMWiki Subversion repository. I'm not always around to fix things immediately, so that might give you an easy way to fix any bugs that are impeding Bliki development such as the setup.jsp bug that you pointed out on Friday. -- Ryan 02-Oct-2006 13:31 PDT

I'm interested in write access to the JAMWiki codebase. In the first step I only would like to maintain an alternative parser implementation in the main trunk if this is ok for you? My sourceforge id is axelcl -- Axel Kramer
Done! Let me know if you have any problems. Maintaining a separate parser is great, and it will make it easier for me to work with you to ensure that any changes I make don't break your code. -- Ryan 22-Nov-2006 22:30 PST
which package name should I use for the parser? -- Axel Kramer 23-Nov-2006 04:05 PST
Originally I thought that alternative parsers could go into their own packages under /wiki/trunk/src/java/org/jamwiki/parser, but it might make sense to put non-core code into its section of the Subversion tree, such as a new /contrib/parser/bliki/ package - I don't really have an opinion, so I'll defer to your best judgment, and we can always move things around later if needed. -- Ryan 23-Nov-2006 08:19 PST

Bliki in maven repository

Hi, We have been talking in Tech:Maven about this bliki.jar file, which isn't in any maven repository. Meanwhile we can install it in a local repository. But what about installing in a remote repository? I don't know how exactly to achive this, but it would be nice if bliki is available in a Maven repository. I would prefer, but why not It looks like Sourceforge doesn't provide a Maven repository. You don't need to change to Maven, maybe we could add an Ant task, where you can deploy the jar file to the repository. Mike 14-Jul-2007 18:30 PDT

can I commit the newest version to the jamwiki trunk? Because of the parser settings in, it shouldn't have any effect on the other functionality? Axel Kramer 20-Jul-2007 04:46 PDT
I have changed project structure to Maven style and added a description on Building from Source. Now you can add your source code in /trunk/bliki/src/main/java. You can create a Maven file pom.xml in /trunk/bliki yourself or I will create it for you. Mike 20-Jul-2007 07:56 PDT
Do you have published the bliki.jar into a public Maven repository ? Prospere
Move this discussion in the bliki forum:

now the bliki.jar is generally "mavenized" in SVN (but not deployed to a repositiory and probably not in sync with current JAMWiki development):

Only the bliki-core part JAR is interesting for the Wiki to HTML conversion the other things could be ignored for JAMWiki development. How can I get the development cycle for the bliki engine more "in sync" with JAMWiki? -- Axel Kramer 28-Mar-2009 05:09 PDT

If bliki.jar ever gets deployed to a repository then it would be easy to include it in the JAMWiki build. Alternately, if you'd like I can make sure that prior to each release I contact you, and you could then update the JAMWiki bliki file with the latest version. Or, if you have another idea then let me know. Hopefully one of those solutions would work. -- Ryan • (comments) • 29-Mar-2009 07:25 PDT
I made a new release 3.0.11 which should support a maven repository: Maven Support Wiki page. Please report any problems with the Maven support in the issues: Issues. -- Axel Kramer 30-Mar-2009 01:16 PDT
I didn't get a chance to look at this tonight but will do so as soon as possible. In the mean time if you want to make any changes I think you should still have access to the Subversion repository, so feel free to modify as needed. -- Ryan • (comments) • 30-Mar-2009 22:34 PDT
Ok done Rev. 2545 -- Axel Kramer 31-Mar-2009 03:45 PDT

Escaping of apostrophes

Hi Axel - in this comment you had indicated that you expected apostrophes to be escaped, and that change was implemented during the JAMWiki 0.3.x series. When I looked at using the org.springframework.web.util.HtmlUtils class for escaping, instead of the current Utilities.escapeHTML class, I deferred since it didn't escape apostrophes, but I left a FIXME note in the code (although without explaining why the change hadn't been made previously). There was a change committed today that replaces Utilities.escapeHTML with the Spring HTMLUtils class, and I just wanted to verify with you whether you still see any strong reason for escaping apostrophes, or if we can simply use the Spring utility class. Please let me know if you have any concerns - thanks! -- Ryan 30-Jul-2007 19:52 PDT

Build Instructions

Thanks for updating the build instructions - I hardly ever use Eclipse, so I greatly appreciate your help in keeping the Eclipse build notes up-to-date. -- Ryan 27-Apr-2008 22:07 PDT

Hi Ryan. I'm currently updating the tutorial to get started with Eclipse and JAMWiki for my blog (only in draft mode;not viewable at the moment). I would like to ask, if I can commit my changes for the current bliki parser to SVN (I'm already listed on the project page as a developer). Note: at the moment I have not many experiences with the maven tools.
As a second wish, can we please make the parseRedirect() and isRedirect() methods protected in JFlexParser (or move to AbstractParser?) to avoid duplicate code? -- Axel Kramer 29-Apr-2008 12:41 PDT
Hi Axel - your commits have always been good ones, so feel free to make changes that you feel are necessary. The two changes you've suggested above can be committed directly to trunk since they are simple and won't cause any unforeseen surprises. For bigger changes, see How to Help#Programmers - basically, just follow the standard open source strategy of starting a discussion prior to implementing a new feature so that everyone who is interested can contribute. -- Ryan 29-Apr-2008 13:22 PDT

Bliki 3.0

Hi Axel - is Bliki 3.0 compatible with JDK 1.4? If so, can you re-upload a version that is compiled with 1.4 compatibility? At the moment I'm getting a compile error when trying to build the JAMWiki WAR using JDK 1.4. If 3.0 is not compatible with JDK 1.4 please let me know and I will try to update the POM file so that it falls back to 1.0 for sites using JDK 1.4. -- Ryan 03-May-2008 00:17 PDT

I will try to solve this problem. In Eclipse I'm setting the compiler compliance level to 1.4 in the JAMWiki project node and everything compiled fine, allthough the bliki project was set to 5.0, because I'm using generics and other goodies from 5.0. Axel Kramer 03-May-2008 01:31 PDT
What errors appear when you compile? Is it possible to use Retroweaver to achieve 1.4 compatibility? -- 03-May-2008 06:34 PDT
Hi Axel - the error is the standard "class file has wrong version 49.0, should be 48.0". If you're using features from JDK 1.5 in the new version I think it is possible in Maven to choose different versions depending on what JDK support is available. I'll investigate, which should resolve the problem. Thanks for responding! -- Ryan 03-May-2008 08:30 PDT
Hi Axel - I've looked into this issue a bit more closely, and it turns out that it's not very easy to make one part of a project conditional on a JDK version. It might make sense to split the bliki parser into its own Maven project within JAMWiki - something like "addons/bliki-parser", and then compile it into its own jar. That would systems that don't have JDK 1.5 could be configured not to build it, and those that had JDK 1.5 or above could include it. Does that seem like a reasonable solution? If so I think I can make the change fairly quickly, although you may then need to update your build instructions. -- Ryan 03-May-2008 12:14 PDT
That's ok. Please add the changes to the project. -- Axel Kramer 03-May-2008 13:44 PDT
I've updated the Maven structure and POMs so that the Bliki parser should only be built for systems that support JDK 1.5 or higher. I'm still learning how Maven works, so there may be some issues - let me know if you (or anyone else) encounter any problems, and feel free to commit any patches for anything that's obviously broken. -- Ryan 05-May-2008 13:42 PDT
Thanks Ryan. Where can I hook in and detect if the user has just saved a new version of a wiki text. For example if I would like to generate a PDF of the current page every time someone changes the entry? I personally would favor a method in the parser API? -- Axel Kramer 07-May-2008 11:39 PDT
The most obvious point would be DataHandler.writeTopic(), but if you need that information in the parser it wouldn't be hard to add a "last modified" field to the ParserInput, ParserOutput or Topic objects. At the moment AnsiDataHandler.writeTopic() already does something similar when it triggers the search engine to re-index a topic, although it would eventually be better to use some sort of notification so that the database code didn't need to know anything about search engines, PDF, or anything else. -- Ryan 07-May-2008 16:14 PDT
Something like an EventListener which could be registerwd for some special events like for example, saving a topic or previewing changes of a topic, would be fine. At the end of the writeTopic() method the event list could call each registerd event. How should these events be registered prgrammatically, through Spring or through a mechanism in the file? -- Axel Kramer 08-May-2008 12:38 PDT
(Re-indenting) Sorry for not responding sooner, I missed this comment. I think an EventListener makes a lot of sense. I'd like to wrap up the 0.6.6 release soon, so any changes will probably have to wait for 0.7.0. Feel free to start a Tech:Events (or similar) page, otherwise I'll do so once I've had some time to investigate and give this some thought. -- Ryan 09-May-2008 11:07 PDT

BTW: I made a short tutorial for an Eclipse/Maven2/Tomcat installation in my blog:

It's written in Wikipedia syntax, so that we can copy the blog entry into JAMWiki in a later step. In the first step, I would like all JAMWiki Eclipse developers to review the tutorial. I will post the blog entry to the next days. Axel Kramer 03-May-2008 01:32 PDT

Thanks - I'll take a look. A lot of people have asked about using Eclipse to build JAMWiki, so having updated build instructions would be a huge help. Thanks for putting something together. -- Ryan 03-May-2008 08:30 PDT
I made some small changes and published the tutorial now at: -- Axel Kramer 07-May-2008 11:35 PDT

Parser Functions

Hey Axel - I followed the link indicated for the Bliki parser functions, but before I look at any code, is the Eclipse License compatible with the LGPL? I'm not familiar with the Eclipse license, and I don't want to mix code that's under different licenses unless it's safe to do so. If you've got any pointers or advice I'd be grateful. -- Ryan • (comments) • 22-Jan-2009 15:19 PST

As you can see in this Bliki discussion thread I added the LGPL as a second license (in the Google project page I can only set one license). I'm not a lawyer, but even if there were no LGPL license added to the Bliki project, it should also be compatible with Eclipse License. See for example the Qt Software license FAQ
Awesome, thanks. I'm out of town this weekend, but time permitting will do a pass through that code next week to see what can be shared. I don't want to spend too much more time on new features for 0.7.0, although it would be nice to improve Mediawiki compatibility a bit more prior to the final release. Thanks for the pointers! -- Ryan • (comments) • 23-Jan-2009 10:56 PST


Bliki POM

Hi Axel - I'm getting the following when trying to build from trunk:

     [exec] [INFO] snapshot checking for updates from info-bliki-snapshot-repository
     [exec] Downloading:
     [exec] 2/2K
     [exec] 2K downloaded  (bliki-core-3.0.12-SNAPSHOT.pom)[INFO] snapshot checking for updates from info-bliki-snapshot-repository
     [exec] Downloading:
     [exec] [INFO] Unable to find resource '' in repository info-bliki-snapshot-repository (

It looks like the POM has a reference to a parent artifact that doesn't exist in the repository:


I'm not sure if that's actually needed, so if not you might be able to remove it which would then (I think) allow the POM to execute again. Thanks for all of your work Maven-izing the Bliki parser, by the way. With the switch in JAMWiki 0.8.0 to Java 5+ we can now start including this parser by default in JAMWiki distributions, which will be a nice addition. -- Ryan • (comments) • 05-Apr-2009 08:45 PDT

I've committed a change to (temporarily) add the latest Bliki snapshot to the JAMWiki SVN repository. I'm not great with Maven, but the command I used to build all of the metadata files and deploy it locally was:
mvn deploy:deploy-file -DartifactId=bliki-core -Dversion=3.0.12-SNAPSHOT
-Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=c:/ryan/code/bliki-core-3.0.12-SNAPSHOT.jar
There may be a better way to deploy JAR files to repositories, but this one has worked for me in the past. -- Ryan • (comments) • 05-Apr-2009 09:08 PDT
The Snapshots are in this repository: instead of See -- Axel Kramer 05-Apr-2009 13:18 PDT
Hi Axel - the problem I ran into was due to the POM files in those repositories referring a parent bliki artifact that couldn't be found (see above). I looked at both the snapshot and release repository, and both appear to have the same issue. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong, but my first impression was that removing the <parent> reference would resolve the problem. -- Ryan • (comments) • 05-Apr-2009 20:29 PDT
I now created all metadata at maven-snapshot-repository. Could you please try again. -- Axel Kramer 06-Apr-2009 08:37 PDT
The latest changes work for me, thanks! -- Ryan • (comments) • 06-Apr-2009 18:04 PDT

Bliki 3.0.12

Hi Axel - I get an error when building JAMWiki with Bliki 3.0.12: "class file has wrong version 50.0, should be 49.0". Is the latest version dependent on Java 6, or will it work with Java 5? JAMWiki 0.8.0 no longer supports Java 1.4, but I'd prefer not to force users to upgrade to Java 6 if possible. For now I've reverted the pom.xml to 3.0.12-SNAPSHOT to allow JAMWiki to build again. -- Ryan • (comments) • 16-Jun-2009 20:19 PDT

Translation updates

Hi Axel - thanks for the latest translation updates! They have been committed for the JAMWiki 1.1 release in revision 3679 and should now also be live on -- Ryan • (comments) • 10-Aug-2011 11:02 PDT

revision 3680 has your latest translations, and they will be included in JAMWiki 1.1. -- Ryan • (comments) • 11-Aug-2011 16:09 PDT