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User comments:Ralf


Hi Ralf - if any of the problems you've encountered with HSQL are reproducible, or even if they aren't, feel free to submit bug reports here. I've personally not encountered any issues, so I'd be interested in any problems you've found. Thanks! -- Ryan 11-Nov-2006 09:44 PST

Hi Ryan, the problem is difficult to reproduce. I killed the java server process unsafe. After restarting the java server was a http 500 from jamwiki. On the java console a "stream exception" was shown. I checked the database file with an editor. It was completely empty. Also the backup file contained no content. So there was no chance to recover the data. Maybe it's related to [1]. It would be easier for me to use a small hsql intead of "big" postges. Any hints about backup & restore hsql are welcome :-) - User:Ralf

Weird - it should be extremely difficult to lose data with HSQL since it writes everything to a transaction log... in any case, to back up HSQL data simply copy the contents of the /database directory that is in your JAMWiki file system directory (see Special:Admin on your installation, it's the first option under "Persistence Settings"). If there is ever any problem simply restore the contents of that directory. If you find out any more about this error please let me know. -- Ryan 12-Nov-2006 08:12 PST

Hi Ralf, how did you manage to switch from HSQL to MySQL? -- Frank 12-Sep-2007 07:27 PDT