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The aim of this patch is to add an import for TiddlyWiki notes. Currently I write my notes into an JavaScript/serverless based Wiki called GTD TiddlyWiki. I would like to import these notes into JamWiki. The content of TiddlerWiki is stored inside the html page and it's not valid XML.

I will create a new servlet called ImportTiddlyWikiServlet similar to ImportServlet.

Input is an HTML file which has some tags with

<div tiddler...

This tag has a few attributes like

  • tiddler - name of topic
  • modified - last modification
  • modifier - name of user
  • tags - list of tags.

and its content is wiki code. However headlines have to change from call signs to equal signs.


  • Create Servlet Special:ImportTiddly -> ImportTiddlyWikiServlet
  • Write Parser TiddlyWikiParser
  • Write Translator TiddlyWiki2MediaWikiTranslator
  • Write HTML Output