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A beginner who really wants to get JAMWiki installed on Win XP, Tomcat 5.0.28, JDK 1.6, ORACLE 9.2.

My desperate post:

Hi there, I hope I'm posting this in the right place and I'm not missing something that is already documented but I am having a real issue installing JAMWiki. I'm a complete newbie (sorry). My system details are:

  • Windows XP
  • Tomcat 5.0.28
  • JDK 1.6.0
  • ORACLE 9.2

I download the jamiwiki-0.5.2.WAR file and place it in the webapps folder in my Tomcat directory. I then start the Tomcat service and the .war is made into a folder. I then navigate my browser (MSIE7) to http://localhost:8080/jamwiki and I am faced with the config screen. I then complete the details thus:

  • C:\Tomcat\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\jamwiki\WIKIFILES
  • External Database
  • oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
  • oracle
  • jdbc:oracle:thin:@
  • JAM
  • password
  • C:\Tomcat\Tomcat 5.0\webapps\jamwiki\DOCS
  • /DOCS/
  • administrator
  • password
  • password

I then click Save Changes and in red writing at the top of the screen I get a message saying: An unknown system error has occurred. The error message is: Failure while executing insert into jam_topic_version ( topic_version_id, topic_id, edit_comment, version_content, wiki_user_id, edit_type, wiki_user_ip_address, edit_date, previous_topic_version_id ) values ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ).

If I then continue with the installation I have to re-enter the administrator u/n and p/s then I get a warning stating that I am about install though there is already a JAMWiki set-up, I then click Continue Install and I am faced with what looks the the starting page of JAMWiki (though not loaded properly) and in edit mode. If I try to type something in and click Save I then get this message:

An unknown system error has occurred. The error message is: java.lang.Exception: Failure while executing insert into jam_topic ( topic_id, virtual_wiki_id, topic_name, topic_type, topic_read_only, current_version_id, delete_date, topic_admin_only, redirect_to ) values ( ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? ).

I know there is an issue somewhere with the Oracle connection but I have no idea how to resolve it. If I go into the Oracle Enterprise Manage Console I can see that JAMWiki has created the schema though the tables are all empty. Do I need to give the user JAM any special system privileges other than those included in Connect and Resource roles? I hope I have given enough information for someone to help me? though if not PLEASE contact me at Many thanks for reading my problem, Ben Sayers.

There is a known limitation to the Oracle 9 JDBC driver with regards to CLOB size (limit: 4K). This lead to the same error when I tried to install to Oracle 10g XE, but using the outdated ojdbc14.jar from Oracle 9 on the server. My bug report. Further information can be found on this Sun Developer Forum page. Side note: It might have been wise to post your bug report on the page Bug Reports ;-) -- Carsten Seiffert 05-Jul-2007 02:14 PDT
You may want to try using the 10g driver to access your 9i - perhaps that will work, but I am not sure... -- Carsten Seiffert 05-Jul-2007 02:15 PDT