Current development on JAMWiki is primarily focused on maintenance rather than new features due to a lack of developer availability. If you are interested in working on JAMWiki please join the jamwiki-devel mailing list.


Contact: axelclk gmail com



Currently Bliki 3.0.18 is available:

Bliki engine[edit]

Currently I'm working on parser/model improvements in the Java/Eclipse Wikipedia API (Bliki) engine. (Sorry, but I think I've not enough time to contribute the parser directly to the JAMWiki project).

Main Google Code page:

Here are the general Google Code instructions for the SVN repository:

Development of a JAMWiki port for the Google Appengine platform (very, very basic at the moment):

In Eclipse I'm using 2 projects ( and with the following SVN URLs:

For JAMWiki these parser function implementation maybe interesting:

Other Links[edit]

Test file[edit]