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Current development on JAMWiki is primarily focused on maintenance rather than new features due to a lack of developer availability. If you are interested in working on JAMWiki please join the jamwiki-devel mailing list.


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Ryan Holliday

IMPORTANT: Please do not email me directly with questions and support requests! Questions and support requests should be posted on the Feedback page so that anyone in the community can answer, and to give others a chance to benefit from that answer. Emails sent to me directly will first be attacked mercilessly by my spam filter, and should it get past that barrier it will likely waste away in my inbox, waiting for the never-to-come day when I actually catch up with responses to my backlog of mail.

For those interested in how/why JAMWiki got started, see About JAMWiki. For those who want to know more about me in a non-stalker way, I keep a journal at http://mountaininterval.org/journal/.

I also administer JAMGuides, a travel wiki based on content from wikitravel.org. JAMGuides provides a great testbed for the JAMWiki software since it has nearly 250,000 topic records, almost three million topic version records, and almost 50,000 images, thus offering a platform for testing JAMWiki scalability on a live web site.