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Tech comments:User Permissions


Move Feedback

Moved from the Feedback page:

Could the move function be part of the Manage tab, instead of having it's own tab? -- scroco 24-Aug-2006 13:13 PDT

(By the way, your last edit to this page overwrote my edit. Did you get a warning about that? Looks like we submitted at roughly the same time.)

Yeah, that's possible. Admin-only functions could then be hidden from non-admin users. The only worry I would have is that "Move" is a standard tab for Mediawiki, and I'm not sure if it's a good idea to diverge too much from what they're doing, even in cases where what they've done might not totally make sense. Let me know if you have any further opinion, and I'll think about it a bit more.
By the way, your last edit to this page overwrote my edit. Did you get a warning about that?
I think I manually deleted your comment without looking - I removed my old comment and took yours with it since when I had checked recent changes there hadn't been any updates. Sorry about that. -- Ryan 24-Aug-2006 13:18 PDT

I don't want to stand in the way of the stated goal of MediaWiki parity, but I think it does make more sense to include it on the manage tab. I'll leave it up to you. -- scroco 24-Aug-2006 14:05 PDT

Let's see if anyone else has an opinion about this one. I don't like having lots of tabs ("Links" and "Print" should probably go, and I'm not sure if we should use a "Watch" tag when watchlists are implemented) but at the same I think it's really important that people who are comfortable with Mediawiki also be comfortable with JAMWiki. I agree with you that it would make more sense to have "Move" be a function of "Manage", but there are a lot of people who have used Mediawiki, and I'd like to keep the JAMWiki learning curve low for them. -- Ryan 24-Aug-2006 14:28 PDT

Thought I would jump in with question and comment as I am needing to move some pages around.

  1. I don't see ability to move page. I have no tab labelled move and there is no move in manage tab. I am running Version 0.3.6.
  2. The call to make a move available to non admin users is a tough call but in my thinking seeing as non admin users can create pages they should be allowed to move them. If following the concept of old page being replaced with redirect then at least the site should not break. User do and always will come up with bad page names and would want to change them. I would think having move as a seperate tab keeps design more flexible going forward (for example if you want to add user permission control).
- CB 07-Oct-2006 07:15 PDT
Embarrassingly I apparently created a bug that hides that "Move" tab. The code is supposed to hide the move tab for pages that don't yet exist (such as This topic does not exist), but instead is doing the opposite. It will be fixed for the next release. As a workaround, for any topic that needs to be moved you can type in the URL "../Special:Move?topic=topic-name" - for example, to move this page (please don't) the URL is Special:Move?topic=Feedback.
And I think I agree about non-admins being able to move pages. Right now there is a Special:Admin setting to prevent non-admins from moving pages, which should hopefully be sufficient for those who don't want to allow normal users to move pages. Thanks for the feedback, and sorry (again) for the bug. -- Ryan 07-Oct-2006 10:56 PDT

Single Sign On

Moved from the Feedback page:

Hi, I am trying to add a filter that will register (if not registered) & sign in the user automatically based on a header attribute. However, when the page first load, the user principal is not available. The user will have to click on any other links in the wiki before the user is considered logged in. Do I just use Utilities.login() to perform an auto login for users or is there anything that I missed out? -- Kwee Tin 11-Feb-2007 19:12 PST

Utilities.login() should do the trick, although the filter will need to trigger prior to the Acegi filters running. I haven't actually tried this, so it's possible there could be other issues. User:swift might have additional comments (if he's around) as I believe his CAS integration does something similar to what you're trying to do. -- Ryan 12-Feb-2007 20:54 PST

Database authentication

Moved from the Feedback page:

Is it possible to add en external database authentification in JAMWIKI?

That feature is not currently available, but there is nothing that would stop it from being implemented. If it's a feature you're interested in working on please feel free to start a discussion by creating a Tech: topic. See Current Development Status for examples of other Tech: topics. -- Ryan 25-Apr-2007 09:36 PDT

Anonymous File Upload

Moved from the Feedback page:

Can you add "Disable anonymous file upload" feature? Thanks.

Have a look at Tech:User Permissions. Provided everything goes as planned then the 0.6.0 release should offer the ability to control user permissions at a fairly fine-grained level, including preventing access to features such as file uploads. -- Ryan 18-May-2007 23:26 PDT