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Tech comments:FCKEditor Integration

Experience with ronin's JAMWiki branch and FCKEditor 2.3

  1. built the ronin branch many times according to Building from source/Eclipse until the only error message left said net.FCKeditor was missing
  2. downloaded and unzipped FCKeditor.Java 2.3
  3. edited FCK's build.xml to adapt paths (e.g. catalina.home) until ant compile succeeded
  4. installed the resulting FCKeditor-2.3.jar file in my local Maven repository:
     mvn install:install-file -Dfile=FCKeditor-2.3.jar -DgroupId=net.fckeditor -DartifactId=fckeditor 
     -Dversion=2.3 -Dpackaging=jar -Durl="C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\rop\.m2\repository"
  5. built JAMWiki again in Eclipse - voilà!
  6. moved the resulting WAR file into Tomcat's webapps folder, restarted Tomcat and started using JAMWiki with the FCKeditor
FCKeditor is currently not useful in JAMWiki because (I guess) it isn't aware of Wiki syntax; try it yourself: click Edit on your StartingPoints page and then click Preview twice ... FCK replaces the source code with HTML which completely messes up the rendered page (it's not so bad for new pages, though). --tapaya 07-Apr-2009 02:34 PDT
I'm not the first one who discovered the issue with HTML vs. Wiki syntax: they have solved it here: I have no clue whether their implementation can be used in JAMWiki, though. --tapaya 07-Apr-2009 05:17 PDT
User:ronin apparently has this functionality working locally - I'm still trying to get it working for me. The latest Subversion code should no longer require that the FCKeditor-2.3.jar file be downloaded or installed (it is now in a local Maven repository in the source tree), and I've got a patch queued to ensure that the correct Javascript is loaded, but for whatever reason I'm not seeing the edit buttons even with these changes. I'll try following the steps that you've outlined next chance I get and see if we can get the code to a point where it installs completely without any customization, after which any issues with HTML / wiki syntax conversions can be addressed. If anyone wants to help out or has additional comments they would be much appreciated. -- Ryan • (comments) • 07-Apr-2009 06:58 PDT