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Tech comments:Editing APIs

API for Creating/Editing Pages[edit]

Archived from the Feedback page:

Hey, great piece of work you've got going here. I'm relatively new to the whole wiki deployment scene and I was wondering if it was possible to edit or create pages using code? Sort of an API for adding data to a page without direct user involvement. Say that some data became available, could I automatically take that data and insert it into a page without a user having to know that the data is now available?

Nothing like that is yet available, and my personal to-do list is long enough that I probably wouldn't get to it for quite some time, but if you're willing to put together some use-cases or a proposal for the type of functionality you'd need then it would go a long way towards getting the process started - simply start an article such as Tech:Editing APIs and link it from the Feature Requests page so that others can view it and comment. It's generally not a particular speedy process, but I've been very surprised at how many features are implemented by one-time contributors who read an existing feature request and create an implementation. -- Ryan 01-Aug-2008 11:10 PDT
Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this one. I suspect it may be a while before someone takes it and starts implementing, but I have no doubts that it will eventually get done. Please continue to update the tech request with any other ideas you have or any info about similar implementations. -- Ryan 02-Aug-2008 13:36 PDT