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Tech comments:Content Approval


Content approval sounds like a great feature, although with the current JAMWiki design it might prove difficult to build such a thing as an optional feature - obviously the most common use-case will be users who do not want to have to "approve" versions of content.

That said, it would be interesting to see any ideas for developing this feature with the current code, whether such an effort involved a separate branch that was synced to the trunk, or if it would be possible to make incremental modifications to the existing code to implement this feature. Provided there was no downside in terms of significantly increasing code complexity or hurting performance I'd be in favor of the incremental change approach, but otherwise it might make sense to approach this sort of feature as a forked version of JAMWiki, with a goal of eventually re-merging the forks. Alternatively, someone may have a better idea, which I'd be interested in hearing. -- Ryan 06-Oct-2007 21:45 PDT


Hi dear,

I also was looking for a feature like this. Is this content aprovel feature is implemented ? if not is it included in the road map of any of the future release.

This feature has not yet been implemented, and at the moment is not scheduled for a particular release. As a result it would get implemented only when someone other than me works on it, or if enough people ask for it then I'll look into writing the code. It's a good feature to have, but resources are limited :) -- Ryan 26-Nov-2007 09:02 PST