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Tech:Integrate jsMath

ktip.png This page (and all pages in the Tech: namespace) is a developer discussion about a feature that is either proposed for inclusion in JAMWiki or one that has already been implemented. This page is NOT documentation of JAMWiki functionality - for a list of documentation, see Category:JAMWiki.
Status of this feature: NOT IMPLEMENTED. These steps can be followed by anyone wishing to integrate jsMath into their own implementation, but this functionality is not included in the default JAMWiki distribution.

A mini guide for integrating jsMath into JAMWiki.

The math tag

Note: the wiki syntax renderer in JAMWiki has to be modified so that the math wikitag


will be transformed to the following html:

<DIV CLASS="math">sin(x)</DIV>

All DIV formulas that have the class math are then rendered by jsMath.

See also:


In the following I assume that your JAMWiki Application-URI is /wiki

Store the jsMath files and fonts in the directory:


Modify the file:

 <script src="../static/jsMath/jsMath.js"></script>
 <style type="text/css">#jsMath_Warning {display: none} </style>

Modify the file:

 <SCRIPT> jsMath.Process() </SCRIPT>