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Tech:Editing APIs

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Status of this feature: NOT IMPLEMENTED.


I have a need for a wiki that can be updated/edited automatically, that is, in code. I am having a hard time finding one that implements this, especially in Java. MediaWiki has this form of functionality and I was hoping that JamWiki would also. I would just use MediaWiki, but we have very little input as to which web server can be loaded and Tomcat is already loaded on our target machines. We would like to deploy a wiki that would be able to accept new data without a whole lot of user interaction. This helps cut down on mistakes(typos, capitalization differences, etc). We would like to set up some kind of data source, monitor it for specific data, and if that data is already in the wiki, be able to add any new pieces of information that become available, in code, without any type of user interaction.

That would require an API to:

  • Add a new page
  • Query for an existing page
  • Edit an existing page

Some other functions that might fall out of this might include logging in/grabbing a token, ability to edit a section, etc. I don't know how difficult of a task this would be since I haven't had a real good chance to dig into the code, but if someone else also needs this functionality, it may be worth while to add. Plus, I know there are some insanely resourceful developers out there that might be able to throw this together in a week.


Inlink Test



This JAMWiki API should as far as possible be compatible with the MediaWiki API. For the create/edit part see: [1]. This has the advantage that existing clients (for example [2]) for such an API, probably only need little or no modifications to also work with JAMWiki. -- Axel Kramer 03-Aug-2008 01:08 PDT

Thanks for pointing that out - I'd fully agree that whenever there is an opportunity to improve Mediawiki compatibility then that should be a goal. -- Ryan 03-Aug-2008 14:18 PDT