Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.


This page exists to provide a rough overview of what is planned for upcoming releases, although such planning changes daily. For the most part development is driven by developer interests, user requests, and pressing needs. Related discussion pages include:

  • Feature Requests - If there is a feature that you would like to see added please discuss it on this page.
  • Feedback - For general discussions of JAMWiki or support requests.
  • Bug Reports - Please report any bugs in the JIRA bug tracker.
  • How to Help - For those interested in implementing a specific feature.

This list is a work-in-progress, and will definitely be modified over time. For roadmap items that have been incorporated into JAMWiki releases see Roadmap/Past Release Cycles. To request a feature not listed here, please use the Feature Requests page.


Release Schedule

Minor releases containing bugfixes occur as-needed, typically about once a month. Major releases containing new features occur approximately every 6-9 months.

Upcoming Releases

Users who have a feature that they would like to see implemented are encouraged to comment on the Feature Requests page. Please note that bug reports are handled separately from feature requests, and bugs should be reported in the bug tracker.

While it is nearly impossible to predict what code will be contributed by outside developers, what existing developers might choose to work on, or what users will request that might be implemented, the following items are tentatively planned for implementation during each major release cycle. See Roadmap/Past Release Cycles for the roadmap for older releases.


Following JAMWiki 1.3.x the Java dependency will be changed from Java 5+ to Java 6+, requiring a change in the major version number. Java 5 has long passed its end-of-life, and many JAMWiki dependencies are planning to drop support for this older Java version.


While these changes may be integrated into an earlier release, there are currently no solid plans for when they might be implemented: