Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

Bug Reports/Archive

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This page is an archive of bug reports and known issues from the early days of JAMWiki. See Bug Reports for current bug reports.


Open Issues


  • Admin screens should be split up into more logical groupings.
  • Need ability to assign admin role to more than one user. Update: see Tech:Acegi integration.


  • When uploading an image and an image of the same name already exists a warning should be issued.
  • Enforce a reasonable minimum for the PROP_IMAGE_RESIZE_INCREMENT value.
  • Non-English file names don't work - see Image:测试图片.gif. Update: broken on Tomcat 4, working in other versions.
  • Jamwiki crashes with HTTP 500 when trying to resize and image on HP-UX, reference this issue

Look & Feel

  • Split system stylesheet from user stylesheet. Update: may not implement this as the benefits are questionable. Need feedback from others.
  • When two headings have the same name the TOC always links to the first one.
  • Pagination will link to a page with no elements when total % offset = 0.
  • Different logo for each virtual wiki


  • Currently ParserUtil.sanitizeHtmlTagAttributes is handling most XSS injections, but it would be better if this was handled directly from the parser.
  • Add support for the <charinsert> tag, which allows a custom edit-bar to be created by inserting <a onclick="insertTags('~~~~','','');return false" href="#">~~~~</a> into a the output.


  • jam_recent_change is meant to only hold a specific number of recent changes. There needs to be an Environment variable to determine how many recent changes to hold, and some way of purging old recent changes.
  • The ServletUtil cache can cache topics using a specific locale, but locale varies for different users. Needs further investigation.


  • The current LuceneSearchEngine.refreshIndex() method parses all topics to re-build the search index. This will need to be implemented as a separate thread or in some other fashion to be useful for anything other than the smallest sites.
  • The "Links" page should show pages that link to a page via redirects. Note that implementing this feature may have performance implications.


  • Need validation checks for unique topic name. Implemented at the database level, but a user-level check is also needed.
  • Need validation checks for fields lengths.
  • Need a utility method and probably a JSP tag for building links to User pages and other namespace pages.
  • Need Special:Export and Special:Import. Update: see Tech:XML import.
  • The logo image should be specified using an [[Image:Logo]] tag.
  • "Comments" page is not really well implemented (no actual connection between page and its comments).
  • Investigate if could be replaced - perhaps using jamwiki-servlet.xml. Update: pseudotopics are now in jamwiki-configuration.xml, which still isn't an ideal solution.
  • Due to the way the log is initialized, logging from the Utilities class may not be logged properly. Update: fixed for JAMWiki classes, but there is no way to use JAMWiki logging for non-JAMWiki classes such as Acegi.
  • Different Users for each virtual wiki

Printing an empty comment or article

  A system error has occurred. The error message is:

  javax.servlet.jsp.el.ELException: Unable to find a value for "target" in object of    class "org.jamwiki.servlets.WikiPageInfo" using operator "."
  • when we have an empty comment or article we aren't able to print. 'cause we got the exception.

To fix this bug, we changed some lines to "top-menu.jsp" and "edit.jsp"

and these are de code:

on "top-menu.jsp" at line 24:

 <c:set var="menuText" value="${menuItem.value}" />
 <c:set var="menuItemKey" value="${menuItem.key}" scope="request" />
 <c:set var="option">
   <% String item = (String)request.getAttribute("menuItemKey");
      if(item.length() > 13){
    	 item = item.substring(0,13);
   <%= item %>
 <%-- FIXME - the print target check is an ugly hack.  need to find a better way. --%>
 <c:if test="${menuItem.key == 'Special:Print'}">
   <td class="menu-tab-nonselected">
     <jamwiki:link value="${menuItem.key}" target="${}">
       <f:message key="${menuText.key}">
         <f:param value="${menuText.params[0]}" />
 <c:if test="${menuItem.key != 'Special:Print'}">
   <td class="menu-tab-nonselected"
     <c:if test="${option == 'Special:Print'}">

at "edit.jsp" at line 68:

we added this line

 document.getElementById("print").style.visibility = "hidden";

whit these changes we hide the tab "print" on edit mode.

We know this is not the best way, but it works. :)

By Ernesto Arteaga Zavala( and Esteban Dueñas( (Mexico) well i get a account --edvjar 25-Oct-2007 14:59 PDT

Thanks! I've added a slightly modified version of your fix to Subversion (revision 1883) and added credit for the two of you in the CHANGELOG.txt file for the 0.6.1 release. That release should be ready soon, I have one remaining issue that I'm trying to track down. Thanks for the report & fix! -- Ryan 16-Oct-2007 21:38 PDT

Closed issues

Admin page(s)

  • The admin page can be accessed without logging in.
RESOLVED - Check added, but not secure.
  • Virtual wiki is lost somewhere in the login process.
RESOLVED - Fixed, but needs to be done better.
  • Database username is getting reset by Firefox on the admin screen.
RESOLVED - Changed field names.
  • Clicking "Add" for a read-only topic with no topic name gives no useful error message.
RESOLVED - Read-only functionality moved to Special:Manage for JAMWiki 0.3.0. -- Ryan 23-Aug-2006 14:45 PDT
  • Need admin page validation checks (valid home directory, etc).
RESOLVED - Implemented in JAMWiki 0.3.4. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 14:45 PDT


  • The creation scripts create "new format" database schema. Will break for any new install since the code uses "old format" queries.
RESOLVED - Queries use new tables, so setup works again.
  • Broken until the database transition is complete
RESOLVED - Database transition to new "jam_" tables is done except for members and notifications, which will be handled differently.
  • Handling of default author is ugly in DatabaseHandler.initialize().
RESOLVED - Now initialized from PersistencyHandler using addWikiUser().
  • All database code currently Postgres-specific. Ideally DatabaseHandler should be sub-classed for each supported database, and any database that uses different query syntax can simply override the appropriate DatabaseHandler method.
RESOLVED - The 0.0.5 release supports database-specific SQL syntax and includes tested support for Oracle and MySql. Other databases may work as well but are not tested. -- Ryan 11-Jul-2006 19:48 PDT
  • Failure in the database (or for files) should not leave changes partially committed - need rollback.
RESOLVED - JAMWiki 0.1.0 implements transaction rollback in case of failures. -- Ryan 25-Jul-2006 15:51 PDT
  • In DatabaseHandler.isInitialized(), the sql used to check database health is hardcoded.
RESOLVED - Hard coding removed for JAMWiki 0.1.4 beta3, but I've not done any testing of this yet so it's possible a setup bug might still exist. -- Ryan 08-Aug-2006 19:21 PDT


  • Need a delete page (admin page already purges topics with content of "delete").
RESOLVED - Delete page created. Delete message not saved, and recent changes and history need to note that a delete occurred.
  • The edit comment isn't maintained during preview.
RESOLVED - The minor edit field is also retained now.
  • "buildLayout" is called before any processing, so editing the top, left, or any other cached page isn't reflected until the page is saved and the next page is viewed.
RESOLVED - Layout elements are reloaded after edits. This implementation is a bit ugly and flimsy, so should probably be re-thought.
  • Some edit values are getting unescaped - &lt;value&gt; becomes <value> after edit.
RESOLVED - Incorrect escapeXml value in edit.jsp. Fixed for the 0.0.6 release. -- Ryan 11-Jul-2006 20:10 PDT
  • The Javascript edit buttons don't work.
RESOLVED - Buttons hidden for the 0.0.6 release. Can be fixed later if desired. -- Ryan 13-Jul-2006 22:11 PDT
RESOLVED - Topic locking removed for JAMWiki 0.0.7. -- Ryan 16-Jul-2006 20:28 PDT
  • Someone starts an edit... lock times out... someone else starts an edit... first user saves... second users saves & deletes first user's changes. The locking code needs to be removed (see Roadmap#Remove topic locking) and replaced with something that just checks the last edit date.
RESOLVED - Topic locking removed for JAMWiki 0.0.7. -- Ryan 16-Jul-2006 20:28 PDT
  • Need section edits - can be done by having the edit link include the starting line and ending line of the section being edited. Then when new content is submitted all lines from the old content before start and after end will be prepended/appended to the newly submited content.
RESOLVED - Implemented for JAMWiki 0.1.0. -- Ryan 24-Jul-2006 21:16 PDT
  • User:bDaneE is unable to edit - clicking submit simply reloads the edit page. I suspect this is a cache issue since the logs aren't showing any POST requests from his edit attempts. Will investigate in the morning. UPDATE: Present in all non-English translations, apparently a bug in the way the EditServlet determines what button was clicked.
RESOLVED - Should be fixed on, and the fix will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.1. If anyone is still encountering this issue please let me know. -- Ryan 30-Jul-2006 13:00 PDT
  • The minor edit checkbox should be saved with the version record and displayed in history pages.
RESOLVED - Fixed, will be included with JAMWiki 0.1.1. -- Ryan 30-Jul-2006 17:38 PDT
  • When editing a section of a topic, if there is a conflict the "section" attribute should be dropped during the edit resolution process.
RESOLVED - Should be fixed now, will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.1 beta2. -- Ryan 25-Aug-2006 12:16 PDT
  • Need to implement MediaWiki #REDIRECT syntax.
RESOLVED - Implemented for JAMWiki 0.3.1. -- Ryan 28-Aug-2006 22:38 PDT
  • Need to create a page move JSP.
RESOLVED - Implemented for JAMWiki 0.3.1. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 14:45 PDT


  • Uploading a second version of an image does not create a record on the recent changes page.
RESOLVED - Implemented for JAMWiki 0.3.1. -- Ryan 28-Aug-2006 22:38 PDT
  • Extra "/" can be appended in the path for image URLs in file history.
RESOLVED - Fixed for JAMWiki 0.3.1. -- Ryan 28-Aug-2006 22:38 PDT

International Character Sets

  • Need some kind of page to allow editing of Application resource messages, preferably with a suggestion to submit changes back to the project.
RESOLVED - Special:Translation has been added but there are bug reports - see above. -- Ryan 30-Jul-2006 17:38 PDT

Look & Feel

  • Logo on top left is still VQWiki and needs to be changed. I think that's the last remaining VQWiki reference, aside from some header comments.
RESOLVED - a new, very, very crappy logo was added to replace the VQWiki logo. Need something better.
  • Do not include stylesheet inline - add as a separate file to allow browser caching.
RESOLVED - JAMWiki 0.0.7 loads the stylesheet topic as jamwiki.css. -- Ryan 15-Jul-2006 11:44 PDT
  • <dl> lists should have space between list items when a newline is present between items. This is either a CSS issue or a parser issue, need to look into how Mediawiki handles it.
RESOLVED - This was a CSS issue, fixed for JAMWiki 0.0.6. -- Ryan 15-Jul-2006 11:44 PDT
  • CSS and layout is basically MediaWiki. Needs to be differentiated.
RESOLVED - AleXey came up with a nice layout that differs from Mediawiki without being so different that users will be confused. -- Ryan 17-Jul-2006 21:01 PDT
  • Background image is from MediaWiki and needs to be changed.
RESOLVED - New image created for JAMWiki 0.1.1. -- Ryan 27-Jul-2006 16:41 PDT
  • Use <label> tags with submit buttons.
RESOLVED - There are a couple of places where <label> tags were not added yet, but those are marked in the code with FIXMEs. Will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.4 and is already running on -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 18:48 PDT
  • An image placed at the bottom of a page will break out beyond the page framed border. See Baby Elephant for an example.
RESOLVED. Fix supplied by User:scroco, to be included with JAMWiki 0.2.1. -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 01:11 PDT
  • Pages that present long lists of data, such as Special:Allpages, Special:Categories, etc. need some sort of pagination, otherwise it takes too long for the page to load.
RESOLVED. Pagination will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.5.


  • The parser is added an extra <tr></tr> to the tables on StartingPoints.
RESOLVED - Parser was adding a <tr> after every table tag. Removed, seems to work OK. Will be released with 0.0.7. -- Ryan 18-Jul-2006 01:58 PDT
  • <pre> tag is suppressing all Wiki markup - I don't think it's supposed to do that, need to check.
RESOLVED - That's the Mediawiki default, so I guess it's OK. -- Ryan 18-Jul-2006 10:23 PDT
  • If a Wiki table tag is not closed the HTML table does not get closed.
RESOLVED - If a table tag isn't closed it should now automatically be closed before the parser returns, thus the site layout won't be messed up. To be released with JAMWiki 0.0.7. -- Ryan 18-Jul-2006 10:23 PDT
  • List processing fails if newline starts with <:
      * list
RESOLVED - JAMWiki 0.1.2 will contain more intelligent list processing that fixes several issues with using Wiki markup or HTML on the line immediately following a list. -- Ryan 02-Aug-2006 02:39 PDT
  • When a new line starts with Wiki syntax (''' for example) it messes up the paragraph parsing.
RESOLVED - Will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.2, currently fixed on
  • A Wiki link in a heading (==[[Link]]==) is not being parsed as a link.
RESOLVED - Fixed for JAMWiki 0.1.2. It's tough to tell what HTML should be allowed within headings, so there will probably be future bug reports with this functionality, but here's a first pass at allowing Wiki markup in headings. -- Ryan 02-Aug-2006 16:24 PDT
  • A single space that starts a line should indicate pre-formatted text.
RESOLVED - This has been implemented for JAMWiki 0.1.2 and I'll copy the new code to shortly. -- Ryan 02-Aug-2006 17:53 PDT
  • Some table issues remain, particularly style setting within a single line row declaration - | stu || style="background:silver" | vwx || yz.
RESOLVED - Will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.2. See Help:Tables for an example of the new code in action. -- Ryan 03-Aug-2006 19:04 PDT
  • Image alignment is ignored if the thumb tag is specified: [[Image:LocationSenegal.png|thumb|left|Map of Senegal]].
RESOLVED - Alignment should always be followed. Will be released with JAMWiki 0.2.0, already running on -- Ryan 11-Aug-2006 15:15 PDT
  • Underscores are not handled properly with uploaded files when the filename has an underscore in it. See Baby Elephant for an example.
MOSTLY RESOLVED - Underscores are now escaped in topic names, so "My Topic" is the same as "My_Topic". There is an ongoing discussion about whether a config option should be added to toggle with underscores are the same as spaces or not. -- Ryan 11-Aug-2006 15:15 PDT
As of version 0.6.2 when using Special:Import underscores in topic names are not escaped/converted. Results in topic names like word1_word2 in the database (table jam_topic) which are unreachable from wiki pages --HB 07-Feb-2008 05:51 PST
  • Wiki markup within image captions should be allowed: [[Image:LocationSenegal.png|thumb|left|Map of [[Senegal]]]].
RESOLVED - Fixed in JAMWiki 0.2.1.
  • Ajax is not parsed as a link.
RESOLVED. Fix will be included with JAMWiki 0.3.0. -- Ryan 21-Aug-2006 20:27 PDT
  • Allow links within a page to a section, such as [[#Parser]].
RESOLVED. Fixed for JAMWiki 0.3.0. -- Ryan 23-Aug-2006 14:18 PDT
  • <pre> tags might not be automatically closed (reported by axelclk).
RESOLVED. Pre-processor now closes <pre> tags. Will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.1 beta2. -- Ryan 25-Aug-2006 00:45 PDT
  • Text in <pre> tags might not be HTML escaped (reported by axelclk).
RESOLVED. Apostrophes (') now get escaped. Will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.1 beta2. -- Ryan 25-Aug-2006 00:45 PDT
  • Redirect syntax (#REDIRECT [[Topic]]) should not be parsed as an ordered list.
RESOLVED. Fix will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.4. -- Ryan 08-Sep-2006 16:32 PDT
  • Signatures do not work in image captions ([[Image:Foo|Uploaded by ~~~]]).
RESOLVED. Fix added for JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta6, to be included in JAMWiki 0.3.5. -- Ryan 27-Sep-2006 14:42 PDT
  • Topics with names like "Topic/Archive" are currently not allowed, but Mediawiki supports names of this format.
RESOLVED. Topic names containing slashes will be allowed starting with JAMWiki 0.3.5.
  • Need automated parser testing. This should be easy to implement with a page that contains examples of Wiki markup, and a second page that contains the expected output, and a file that parses the first page and compares it to the second.
RESOLVED. JUnit tests added as a part of JAMWiki 0.4.0. -- Ryan 17-Oct-2006 22:12 PDT
  • Ampersands not being escaped - difficult due to the fact that the parser will need to figure out what is an entity and what is a plain old ampersand.
RESOLVED. JAMWiki 0.4.0 should properly escaped ampersands. -- Ryan 17-Oct-2006 22:12 PDT
  • Implement MediaWiki templates.
RESOLVED. Template support added for JAMWiki 0.4.0. -- Ryan 17-Oct-2006 22:12 PDT


  • In DatabaseHandler, the cachedTopicsList and cachedNonTopics list is completely purged during topic add or delete. That could be handled better.
RESOLVED. Fixed in JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta2. -- Ryan 29-Oct-2006 11:14 PST


  • Search is not working as of 2006-06-28 @ 9:57 PM. Search for "Antarctica" (or any other term) and no results found. Update: search engine cannot be rebuilt. Search works after an article is edited.
RESOLVED - Search engine was running a query against the old VQWiki Topic table. The query has been removed, and it now uses the PersistencyHandler.getAllTopicNames() method.
  • web.xml welcome file broken on Linux.
RESOLVED - Moved the index.jsp file to the root (instead of WEB-INF/jsp) and updated web.xml.
  • Special:Setup should redirect to StartingPoints after properties set successfully.
RESOLVED - Implemented, but redirects should be handled better.
  • Hash sign (#) in topics currently seen as part of the topic. They should be seen as a heading within the article section.
RESOLVED - Fixed. May not work with external links.
  • Search with a wildcard ("StartingPoi*") causes an exception and throws a stack trace back at the user.
RESOLVED - Code now uses the default Lucene highlighting code, which doesn't cause this problem. -- Ryan 08-Aug-2006 19:22 PDT
  • Searches using wildcards ("StartingPoi*") do not display a summary on the results page.
RESOLVED - Fixed, will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.4. Lucene rules. -- Ryan 09-Aug-2006 00:11 PDT
  • If search term is in the title, the first line of the article is highlighted (incorrectly) in the search results. Search for "StartingPoints" for an example.
RESOLVED - The new code uses the Lucene highlighter and does not highlight search titles. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 01:50 PDT
WON'T FIX - This functionality has been removed as the old implementation was done in a way that would not scale. May be re-implemented later. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 01:53 PDT
  • Special:ToDoTopics shows an existing topic when the link is of the form "Topic#Section".
WON'T FIX - This functionality has been removed as the old implementation was done in a way that would not scale. May be re-implemented later. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 01:53 PDT
  • The search engine code is re-indexing all files on startup. That's horribly problematic for large sites.
RESOLVED - Re-indexing now only happens when requested from the Special:Admin tools. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 01:53 PDT
  • If no pages link to a page then the "Links" tab should show a message indicating that no pages link there.
RESOLVED - If no pages link to a topic then an appropriate message is displayed. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 01:53 PDT
  • The "Links" tab isn't showing any results for what links to a page that doesn't yet exist.
RESOLVED - "Links to" functionality now seems to be working correctly on -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 16:59 PDT
  • "Links" tab is showing virtual wiki link (":en:Sandbox") as linking to a non-virtual wiki page ("Sandbox").
RESOLVED - "Links to" functionality now seems to be working correctly on -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 16:59 PDT
  • Deleting a document should also delete it from the search index.
RESOLVED - This should now be handled properly and will be included with JAMWiki 0.2.0. -- Ryan 11-Aug-2006 16:13 PDT
  • Search is occasionally throwing locking errors.
RESOLVED (?) - This hasn't been seen in quite some time, assuming fixed. -- Ryan 23-Aug-2006 14:18 PDT


  • Initial setup should be a wizard allowing the choice of the following:
    1. Persistency type
    2. Database settings OR file location
    3. Admin password
RESOLVED - Implemented "Special:Setup", which will be displayed until either file or database parameters are correctly entered. The initialization code has been moved so that nothing should be created until these parameters are set. There are a few lingering places where something could be created, but that will be addressed as they are found.
  • Upgrade can fail for a user who is not logged in. Reported by User:colinbes.
RESOLVED - Fix will be included in JAMWiki 0.3.1 beta2. In the meantime users can manually complete an upgrade by changing the "wiki-version" property in /WEB-INF/class/ file to "0.3.1", and also manually update the StyleSheet topic with the contents of the /WEB-INF/classes/pages/StyleSheet.txt file. -- Ryan 26-Aug-2006 10:28 PDT


  • Add back the "special" flag for tabs on special pages.
RESOLVED - "Special" param added. Could be handled better.
  • "Article" link on tab of the comments page should link to the article, not the comments page.
RESOLVED - Fixed, but the solution isn't ideal.


  • User name can not be re-set once entered.
RESOLVED - Servlet issue.
  • Need actual user accounts.
RESOLVED - User accounts now available.
  • Need ability to update user account.
RESOLVED - Accounts can now be updated.
  • Need a "remember me" functionality.
RESOLVED - Cookie can be set to remember login & encrypted password.
  • Need to implement MediaWiki "~~~~" syntax.
RESOLVED - Implemented. -- Ryan 08-Jul-2006 17:14 PDT
  • Need user pages and user talk pages.
RESOLVED - Added, but could be done better. -- Ryan 08-Jul-2006 17:14 PDT
  • User names must not contain <, >, ", &, etc.
RESOLVED - Fixed for JAMWiki 0.2.0. -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 01:11 PDT


  • The "diff" link on the recent changes page leads to most recent diff, not the diff for the change shown.
RESOLVED - Diff now uses topic version ids to figure out what to diff, not the old date and version number system.
  • Next topic and topic version id files need to be updated in FileHandler.
RESOLVED - Implemented, but may need to be re-thought if performance is a problem since every update has to update this file.
  • The existing template code and database table can probably all be removed.
RESOLVED - This was removed with Subversion revision #83.
  • A general framework for handling errors is needed - errors currently just throw a Tomcat error page on the screen.
RESOLVED - Errors now handled by JamWikiServlet.viewError().
  • error.jsp and servlet-error.jsp should be combined.
RESOLVED - There is now an error.jsp for JSP errors, and error-display.jsp for displaying servlet error messages.
  • Currently SetupServlet, TopicServlet and EditServlet implement their own topic view code. That needs to be fixed.
RESOLVED - There is now a single JamWikiServlet.viewTopic method.
  • PersistencyHandler.getRecentChanges() causes a database lookup for each change - bad for performance.
RESOLVED - User logins now cached for performance reasons. -- Ryan 08-Jul-2006 17:14 PDT
  • wiki.jsp compiles into a huge class file and generates a "Code too large for try statement" error on some application servers.
RESOLVED - Uses <jsp:include> now to keep class size smaller, will be included in the 0.0.6 release. -- Ryan 12-Jul-2006 15:10 PDT
  • Resin fails due to Spring dependency on commons-logging.
RESOLVED - org.apache.commons.logging.Log and org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory are imports of the Spring HttpServletBean, so add commons-logging.jar to the JAMWiki project. Note that there should be some way to eventually remove this dependency as log4j is the default for JAMWiki... -- Ryan 12-Jul-2006 15:39 PDT
  • Namespaces should not be hard-coded anywhere.
RESOLVED - hard-coding removed for version 0.0.6. -- Ryan 13-Jul-2006 22:11 PDT
  • Special:Upgrade convert from file to database doesn't work.
RESOLVED - (Hopefully) fixed in JAMWiki 0.0.6. -- Ryan 15-Jul-2006 11:58 PDT
  • Diff sometimes fails badly - see this page for an example.
Note that this may be a non-issue caused by the recent parser updates - newlines are modified slightly, which may be fooling the diff tool. The bad diffs seem to occur on the first edit of any page after the upgrade to 0.0.4. -- Ryan 09-Jul-2006 18:13 PDT
RESOLVED - It seems to have been an issue with changing newlines, but that code was unnecessary. -- Ryan 16-Jul-2006 19:51 PDT
  • It is possible to save even with no changes - should not save if no differences.
RESOLVED - If no changes made then no new version is saved. Implemented for 0.0.7. -- Ryan 17-Jul-2006 21:08 PDT
  • Node.getTextContent() not present in JDK 1.4.
RESOLVED - That method has been replaced with what should be a 1.4 safe version, but feedback is requested. -- Ryan 20-Jul-2006 16:12 PDT
  • When the Chinese translation file was uploaded the full path from the user's browser was used as the file name. Same for the Hungarian translation file. This needs to be fixed.
RESOLVED - Hopefully fixed, the image name should now be properly truncated if a full path was submitted. -- Ryan 30-Jul-2006 17:38 PDT
  • The "path" at the top of each page (Wiki | Default | page | page) is not working.
WON'T FIX - The history path has been removed from the code. -- Ryan 30-Jul-2006 17:38 PDT
  • Non-ASCII characters were being corrupted for some users of non-English browsers.
RESOLVED - See Non-ASCII Taglib Encoding Bug
  • Deletes should show up in recent changes and in the history. However, any past edits to a deleted topic should be removed from recent changes.
RESOLVED - Will be released as a part of JAMWiki 0.1.4, already running on
  • Vast numbers of error and other messages are currently hard-coded. Search the source for "FIXME" notations. Update: many of these have been resolved, but a large number still remain.
RESOLVED - Any remaining hard-coded messages should be filed as bugs, the vast majority of the code now appears to be clean. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 18:48 PDT
RESOLVED - The PersistencyHandler.exists() method now converts underscores to whitespace before testing for existence. Will be released with JAMWiki 0.1.4, already on
  • When typing a topic name on the URL line for a non-existent topic, an error is currently displayed on the resulting topic page. Instead just display a message about the topic not yet existing.
RESOLVED - Fix will be included in the next version of JAMWiki (JAMWiki 0.1.4 / 0.2.0). -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 11:04 PDT
  • The diff code does not always show an accurate diff - see this diff for an example.
    • See also this diff, in which the change isn't even shown (comment about bug being resolved).
RESOLVED - javadiff-1.0.5 was released on August 17 and seems to fix these issues. Will be included with JAMWiki 0.3.0. -- Ryan 20-Aug-2006 02:11 PDT
  • Add option to pass query param to jamwiki:link & clean up existing <a href="<jamwiki:link>"> code. Params should be of the form <param name="" value="" />.
RESOLVED - JAMWiki 0.3.1 implements a <jamwiki:linkParam> tag. -- Ryan 28-Aug-2006 22:38 PDT
  • WikiMessage and WikiException should be in the org.jamwiki package, not org.jamwiki.servlets.
RESOLVED - Done for JAMWiki 0.3.1. -- Ryan 28-Aug-2006 22:38 PDT
  • It should be possible to revert a page move without deleting the old page IF AND ONLY IF the original topic name does not have any page history (ie it has only one edit to create the redirect).
RESOLVED - Implemented for JAMWiki 0.3.4. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 14:45 PDT
  • A bunch of the FileHandler methods should be synchronized. Needs an audit.
WON'T FIX - File persistency mode removed as of JAMWiki 0.4.0. -- Ryan 17-Oct-2006 22:12 PDT
  • During the 0.4.x series all remaining references to Special:AllTopics should be removed.
RESOLVED - Removed for JAMWiki 0.4.0. -- Ryan 17-Oct-2006 22:12 PDT
  • Redirections from servlets need to be handled better.
RESOLVED - As of JAMWiki 0.4.2 Spring framework methods are used to handle redirects. -- Ryan 29-Oct-2006 11:14 PST
RESOLVED - As of JAMWiki 0.4.2 a successful edit leads to an HTTP redirect call. -- Ryan 29-Oct-2006 11:14 PST