Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

JAMWiki Proposed Logos

There has been a fairly high amount of interest in creating logos for JAMWiki, so this page offers a place for graphic artists to add their own logo ideas. It is suggested that logos be iconic - Mediawiki has the flower, Firefox has the fox, Linux has the penguin... it would be nice if JAMWiki had something equally notable. In addition, logo submissions MUST be released under the GFDL license.

To submit a logo:

  1. Upload it using the Special:Upload functionality.
  2. Add the image to the end of this page using the following syntax:
===Name of your image===
<br />[[Image:Image file name]]<br />
Released under the GFDL by ~~~.  Description of the idea.

Anyone is free to comment on logos and make suggestions. At some point we'll choose a logo (or logos) to include with the default JAMWiki distribution, earning fame, fortune, groupies, and glory for those whose logo(s) are chosen. We'll also add you to the JAMWiki CREDITS file, which as everyone knows is a surefire way to get invited to the coolest parties =)


Released under the GFDL by Ryan. This is the current JAMWiki logo. It was made quite terrible in the hopes that anyone who installs JAMWiki would be inspired to create a better logo. It's also proof that my programming abilities are at least slightly better than my graphical design abilities :-)


collaboration w text.gif

Released under the GFDL by Oliver. Repurposed from original use as a graphic in a web page. Doesn't really meet the above criteria of being iconic but it's a start.

This looks good! I agree that it isn't iconic - I can't imagine someone saying "JAMWiki? Isn't that the project with the circle that has the arrows pointing to it?" - but it's definitely an improvement over the current logo. Thanks! -- Ryan 15-Sep-2006 11:37 PDT
In the absence of other submissions I've made this the default for now. Let me know what to use as credit in the CREDITS.txt file (for example "Ryan Holliday (wrh2)"). Note that other submissions are still welcome, but I think it's past time that JAMWiki had some sort of logo. -- Ryan 02-Oct-2006 23:25 PDT


umbrella dark.png umbrella light.png

Released under the GFDL by Vlada. Umbrella should say that all Wiki users are "under the same umbrella", and it keeps your Wiki nice'n'clean. It's simple enough, but is it iconic enough? There are two versions, for dark/light background. Not an astonishing piece of design, but if the idea is good enough, could be improved by others.

Thanks! I particularly like the "subject" braces around the handle/J. An umbrella is something that I never would have thought of, but it might have some potential. As a guy I'm of course rooting for someone to come up with a blood-thirsty viking logo or some other such manly idea, but if enough people get behind the umbrella concept I could see how it might work nicely. Let's leave this one up here for a while to solicit further discussion. -- Ryan 27-Jan-2007 01:50 PST