Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

JAMWiki 0.8.0

Download JAMWiki 0.8.0:

Release Notes

After eight months of development the most exciting version of JAMWiki yet, the amazing JAMWiki 0.8.0 release (code name "Yellowstone") is now available for download from SourceForge. This release is a major release that contains significant new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Transition to Java 5. JAMWiki 0.8.0 requires Java 5 or later. Support for JDK 1.4 has been dropped as that version of Java reached its end-of-life on October 30, 2008 and Java 5 offers some compelling benefits.
  • Enhanced XML import / export. Earlier versions of JAMWiki offered basic import functionality for Mediawiki XML files, but JAMWiki 0.8.0 offers support for importing Mediawiki XML exports with topic history, edit date, and author. Additionally, support for exporting topics to a Mediawiki-compatible XML format is now available.
  • Special:Logs. Support for Mediawiki-style logs including user creation logs, move logs, import logs, etc.
  • Performance improvements. Daniel Fisla has been doing investigation of JAMWiki performance with millions of records and has suggested some improvements.
  • Usability enhancements. Improvements include an enhanced diff that shows details of what portion of a line changed, a new "Show Changes" button during editing, linkable topic sections in edit summaries, and the ability to specify an alternate filename when uploading images via Special:Upload.
  • Additional Localization. Special:Specialpages and the upgrade process are now fully localized.
  • More. An array of translation updates, bug fixes, minor enhancements, and cleanups.

See below, as well as the CHANGELOG.txt and README.txt files included in the JAMWiki distribution, for further details. Please provide feedback on the Feedback page and report any bugs on the Bug Reports page. Bug reports should include any error messages from the logs and any additional information that can be used to diagnose the problem.

Installation & Upgrade Instructions

New Installs

See Installation#New Installs.


See Installation#Upgrades. When upgrading site administrators should be aware of the following issues:

  • JAMWiki now requires Java 5 or later. JDK 1.4 reached its end-of-life on October 30, 2008.
  • Database drivers must support JDBC 3.0 or later. JAMWiki now utilizes java.sql.Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS where possible.
  • This release makes major changes to the database schema. The upgrade process will attempt to automatically update existing JAMWiki database setups, but users are STRONGLY encouraged to backup their database data prior to upgrading.
  • This release updates the default StyleSheet topic. Any custom modifications to the stylesheet will need to be restored after upgrading; past versions of the StyleSheet topic can be found by viewing that topic's history.


New Features

  • Drop support for JDK 1.4. Java 5 or later is now required to run JAMWiki.
  • Special:Import can now import Mediawiki files with full history, edit dates, and edit comments.
  • Special:Export can now export topics in Mediawiki format with full history, edit dates, and edit comments.
  • Mediawiki-style logs for uploads, user creation, etc are now available via the Special:Log page.
  • Add an optional "Show Changes" button during editing to display a diff view of the current edit.
  • Add diff highlighting for the portion of the line that changed (if any), similar to Mediawiki.
  • Allow an alternate file name to be specified as the "Destination Filename" when uploading, similar to Mediawiki.
  • Add links to the edited section in edit summaries on recent changes, history, etc, similar to Mediawiki.
  • Localize several messages in the upgrade process that were previously hard-coded in English.
  • Remove ability to automatically upgrade from versions prior to 0.6.0.
  • For databases that support it use auto incrementing primary keys during inserts to improve performance. Suggested by Daniel Fisla (dfisla).
  • Implement caching for diffs, user information and topic versions to speed up page rendering.
  • Allow the HTML pre tag to be used with attributes (suggested by Skotty).
  • Refactor exception handling to throw and catch exceptions at a more granular level.
  • Allow JAMWiki properties to be read from outside of the WAR file or from system properties (urpi).
  • Allow authentication with pluggable Spring authentication modules that do not implement UserDetailService such as existing JAAS modules (urpi).
  • When a password or other value is found un-encrypted in a properties file automatically encrypt it to allow for changing database passwords, etc. Reported by rebecca and an anonymous user.
  • Move upgrade SQL to property files rather than hard-coding in Java code.
  • Make the site name a configurable property rather than a message key.
  • Upgrade to Spring Security 2.0.5.
  • Upgrade to javadiff 1.1.0.
  • Upgrade to JFlex 1.4.3.
  • Upgrade to JUnit 4.5.
  • Upgrade to JSTL standard taglib 1.1.2.
  • Upgrade to ehcache 1.6.0.


  • Update Spring Security configuration to remove reliance on the deprecated FilterInvocationDefinitionSourceEditor class.
  • Fix the Bliki local Maven repository metadata to resolve build warnings.
  • Do not use the category sort key for display purposes, only for sorting, which is consistent with Mediawiki. Reported by hanspeterklapf.
  • Allow use of magic words and templates in category sort keys, such as [[Category:Test|{{PAGENAME}}]].
  • Throw an error when trying to rename images or categories with topic names that do not contain the "Image:" or "Category:" namespace.
  • Viewing a topic that is currently a redirect from its history page should not redirect.
  • Templates containing signature were displaying the signature for the user viewing the page, rather than the user who saved the page. Example: {{template-name|~~~~}}
  • Use the wiki system directory for temp file storage in ImageIO processing to prevent errors on misconfigured systems. Reported by jfbraz.
  • Validate that properties which must be numeric are set as numbers from Special:Admin.
  • When deleting, undeleting, or moving a page, if the "delete associated comments page" box was checked a NullPointerException would be generated for topics with non-ASCII topic names.
  • Template parameter names should ignore whitespace so that {{template|name=foo}} is the same as {{template| name = foo}}. Reported by floatingworld.
  • Do not allow creation of topics that start with "/" or that are of the form Namespace:/Topic.
  • Category topics displayed inconsistently in the topic view, print view and editing preview view.
  • "File History" on Image: pages should also display author information.

Translation Updates

  • Updated Chinese translations (hfl).
  • Updated French translations (Guillaume_FRANCOIS55).
  • Updated German translations (axelclk).
  • Updated Japanese translations (nattolover).
  • Updated Polish translations (dlpa).
  • Updated Russian translations (shar).