Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

JAMWiki 0.2.0

Release Notes

JAMWiki 0.2.0 is now available for download. This release includes an overhaul of the search engine, the ability to view what topics link to a page, a significantly reduced WAR file size, and numerous other fixes and cleanups. See the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt files for additional details about this release. Additional information and documentation can be found at

JAMWiki is distributed as a WAR file that can be deployed like any other WAR file. After restarting the web application server view the URL to begin the configuration process (context is the web application context root). For existing JAMWiki users see the release notes for upgrade instructions.

IMPORTANT: While reasonably stable, the JAMWiki code is undergoing rapid development and should be considered beta software, not suitable for deployment on production systems. Feedback and bug reports are requested and can be left at


  • FEATURE: Overhaul the search engine, make better use of Lucene for highlighting, delete numerous unneeded classes.
  • FEATURE: Add Special:LinkTo to display what links to the current page.
  • FEATURE: Drop commons-httpclient.jar - no longer used.
  • FEATURE: Upgrade to log4j 1.2.13.
  • FEATURE: Use <label> tag with form elements.
  • FEATURE: Updated Chinese translations from ewen0930.
  • FEATURE: Updated Hungarian translations from bDaneE.
  • BUG: Resolve setup bug in initialization code.
  • FEATURE: Upgrade javadiff from 1.0.3 to 1.0.4.
  • FEATURE: Upgrade Spring from 1.1.5 to 1.2.8. Include only those components that are used by JAMWiki (saves over 500 kb).
  • FEATURE: Update commons-dbcp from 1.0 to 1.2.1.
  • FEATURE: Display file deletion information in recent changes.
  • FEATURE: Use syntax highlighting to denote change type on recent changes page, history page, and user contributions page.
  • FEATURE: Remove Special:OrphanedTopics - broken.
  • FEATURE: Remove Special:ToDoTopics - broken.
  • FEATURE: Better support for image alignment options.
  • BUG: Fix image HTML display bug.
  • FEATURE: Add build target for building source releases.
  • BUG: Correctly parse mailto: links.
  • FEATURE: Search engine refresh no longer file-only.
  • FEATURE: Remove automatic search engine index rebuilding thread.
  • BUG: "My Topic" and "My_Topic" should be treated as the same topic.
  • FEATURE: Automatically upgrade stylesheet and search index.
  • BUG: Do not display upgrade option after upgrade is complete.
  • BUG: Resolve additional cross-site scripting vulnerabilities reported by NickJ.
  • BUG: Title should be displayed on printable pages.
  • BUG: Do not allow \n, \r, ", ', >, <, {, }, #, /, \, [, ], or = in topic/user names.
  • BUG: Remove several hard-coded message strings, replace with messages that can be translated into local languages.
  • FEATURE: Code cleanups including removal of unused files.

Upgrade Instructions

The process for upgrading JAMWiki is:

  1. Download the latest JAMWiki WAR file.
  2. Back up all database and/or file data prior to upgrading.
  3. Back up the file and the file that can be found in the /WEB-INF/classes directory.
  4. If you have created any virtual wikis, back up the web.xml file that can be found in the /WEB-INF directory.
  5. Install the new JAMWiki WAR file. See your web application server's documentation for instructions. Note that, if possible, any existing JAMWiki files should be deleted prior to upgrading.
  6. Copy the files backed up in steps three and four back into their old locations, overwriting any new files. You may also need to re-copy your JDBC jar file.
  7. View any page on the Wiki. You will be redirected to the upgrade page and any required upgrade steps will be automatically performed.

Note that this release will automatically update the StyleSheet topic. If you have made local modifications to that file you will need to either revert the automatic update or else reconcile any differences.