Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

JAMWiki 0.0.4

Release Notes

IMPORTANT: This release is an Alpha version, and should not be considered for use on production systems. Also note that this version changes the database schema used in previous versions - see the release notes for upgrade instructions.

JAMWiki 0.0.4 is now available for download as a WAR file suitable for deployment on a web application server. This release includes numerous features including improved user account support, better error handling, improved support for comments pages, and much more. See the changelog for a more complete list.

To install the file simply deploy it like any other WAR file, restart the web application server, and then view the URL to begin the configuration process (context is the web application context root).

See the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt files for additional details about this release. Additional information and documentation can be found at


  • FEATURE: Add "Account", "User" and "Comments" links to user navigation bar.
  • FEATURE: Add "Remember Me" login option.
  • FEATURE: Add ability to view all contributions made by a specific user (Special:Contributions).
  • FEATURE: Add ability to update user account information.
  • FEATURE: Change navbar search to default "Search", not "Jump to".
  • FEATURE: "Comments" tab works now and is colored to reflect whether a comments page exists yet or not.
  • FEATURE: Error handling added to avoid ugly stack traces being shown to end users and ensure that errors are logged.
  • FEATURE: Support MediaWiki signatures - ~~~, ~~~~ and ~~~~~.
  • FEATURE: Support MediaWiki __TOC__ directive.
  • FEATURE: Change Special:Registration URL to Special:Account.
  • BUG: If user login required actually check for logged in user prior to editing.
  • FEATURE: Hide LDAP and other unused / unsupported options in admin tool.
  • FEATURE: Always encode passwords by default, remove option to have unencoded passwords.
  • FEATURE: Code cleanups including deletion of unused code. PDF search no longer supported. War file size should now be about 450K smaller.
  • FEATURE: New utility class for handling prepared statements.
  • FEATURE: Added new WikiPageInfo class to hold basic page data.
  • FEATURE: Utilize more of the Spring framework functionality, should ensure that cache headers always get set properly.
  • FEATURE: Update from JFlex 1.3.5 to 1.4.1 - slightly faster.
  • FEATURE: Add previous_topic_version_id column to jam_topic_version. BREAKS ANY EXISTING INSTALLATION! See the release notes for the database update syntax.
  • BUG: "Article" tab from comments pages fixed.

Upgrade Instructions

Run the following SQL commands to update the database:

alter table jam_topic_version add column previous_topic_version_id INTEGER;
alter table jam_topic_version add constraint jam_fk_topic_version_previous
  foreign key (previous_topic_version_id) references jam_topic_version;
update jam_topic_version set previous_topic_version_id = (
  select max(jam2.topic_version_id) from jam_topic_version jam2
  where jam_topic_version.topic_id = jam2.topic_id
  and jam2.topic_version_id < jam_topic_version.topic_version_id

Edit the Stylesheet topic to include the following style:

#change a {
	font-weight: normal;

From the admin page, change the parser to org.jamwiki.parser.JAMWikiParser.