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Bug Report

Strange that in example 2 the empty line does not start a new paragraph (in the table).

I'll make a note on the Bug Reports page - thanks for catching this. -- Ryan 30-Aug-2008 00:21 PDT


Archived from the Feedback page:

Hi Ryan, what is it about Categories (you know the tags at the bottom of the page). I thought having more than one category on one page. Is this possible, should it be? Or is it the wrong way because you should create two different pages (topics) with each own category? -- Michael Habbert 31-May-2007 11:00 PDT

Yeah, multiple categories for a single topic should work - see FAQ, which has three categories. That behavior is consistent with how Mediawiki implements categories (see What problems are you seeing? -- Ryan 31-May-2007 18:03 PDT
Hi, no problems at all - I just was confused ab how to do it and if it make sense at all. ;-) Thanks. -- Michael Habbert 05-Jun-2007 02:31 PDT

How to display a images from /images directory of jamwiki

Archived from the Feedback page:

we have bunch of icons and images for the Look and feel for our wiki installation. and we kept those icons under /images direcory and want to use it in our pages, i used the <img> tag for these. wiki parser is just ignoring this. please advice. we dont want to upload the images to wiki using upload tool. --Durga 05-Feb-2008 12:59 PST

Using/Accessing (External) Taglibs

Archived from the Feedback page:

If I would install say the display tag library with my Jetty container/web server, could I use those additional tags from within JAMWiki?--Sil68 08-Apr-2008 00:30 PDT

I may not be understanding the question correctly, but if you're trying to customize JSPs with your own code simply add the required taglib import to page-init.jsp and to web.xml. If you want to use JSP syntax within a wiki topic then that's not supported. Let me know if I'm not understanding correctly. -- Ryan 08-Apr-2008 07:53 PDT
As soon as I've written this, I recognized how absurd this question was! :( Regarding your question & understanding, my intention was to incorporate (arbitrary) JSP tags in any Wiki page, so it would be rather easy to access say a DB via SQL without having to add this functionality to JAMWiki.--Sil68 08-Apr-2008 10:36 PDT
There is about two years of Subversion history in the JAMWiki project proving that I do amazingly absurd things on a disturbingly frequent basis :) -- Ryan 08-Apr-2008 19:52 PDT

Link with spaces

Archived from the Feedback page:


How do I create an external link whose text has spaces in between.

E.g. I want to add a link

http://catodms/svn/doc_repo/CustomerOps/Clients/NetBrazil/trunk/SOW# 2 Phase 1 Implementation/Architecture/ARD

However, due to spaces in between the text, the link does not get displayed as desired on the page. Instead, what I see is

2 Phase 1 Implementation/Architecture/ARD

Please help me solve the problem, so that the entire link will be displayed.

Abhishek 20-Aug-2008

Spaces are not valid in URLs - search for "spaces in URLs" on Google for more details. Some browsers will automatically convert spaces to either "+" signs or "%20", and making that change in your URL above should solve the problem. -- Ryan 20-Aug-2008 07:39 PDT

Templates conditions

Archived from the Feedback page:

Hi, I am trying to do some templates and infoboxes. I managed to create an infobox template with proper positioning, however I can not find a way to use conditions in it, for example to show {{{picture}}} only if the value is present. mediawiki offers this via parser functions. Example : this only shows value of some_field property if user specified its value


however this does not work for JAMwiki. So is there any way to include a property value only if it is specified? Any other info about using Templates (especially infoboxes) would be greatly appreciated. In case I was not clear enough , I would like to get this done: wikipedia:Infobox company

Thank you, Matus

JAMWiki doesn't yet implement Mediawiki's parser functions (soon, hopefully), so in the mean time you should be able to use Template:If, which is what was used on Mediawiki prior to the creation of the parser functions. For example:
|then=test is not empty
|else=test is empty

Result: test is empty

|then=test is not empty
|else=test is empty

Result: test is not empty

-- Ryan 03-Apr-2008 10:51 PDT
Thanks a lot Ryan, good luck with development Matus 04-Apr-2008 01:41 PDT

Hi I've available some Mediawiki parser functions in the package In the expr subpackage I've started a parser for Mediawiki expressions (like in #Expr: and #Ifexpr). See testcases at the end of You can test the #Expr: expression parser interactively with the Console application. -- Axel Kramer 06-Jun-2008 00:07 PDT

Multiple References

I want to implement a reference that I'm using more than once in the text. It doen't seem to work exactly like in Mediawiki where you can give the first one the <ref name=foo/> and then on the other place a <ref name=foo>[]</ref> and then later on the <references/> stuff ... Are they possible at all, and what's the right syntax? 24-Nov-2008 03:26 PST

Ok, I've found them on my own. Haven't put the name in quotation marks (as found here: <ref name="foo">[]</ref> and <ref name="foo"/> for the next. All right. 24-Nov-2008 04:45 PST