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Apologies for the problems over the past few days in accessing - I run the server off of a home DSL connection in order to avoid the extra costs of a hosted solution, but that means that if I go out of town and there's a power outage or other problem that the server then becomes inaccessible until I return. Everything should again be working properly now that I'm back in town. Sorry for the problems. -- Ryan 07-Sep-2006 11:18 PDT...


Is it just me, or is the time of this server about 13 minutes behind actual time. I'm in CA, and right now it's 12:00 PDT according to all sources, but this update will likely be marked as 11:47 PDT. -- scroco 15-Aug-2006 11:48 PDT

Yeah, the server clock was off. Should be OK now. -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 12:05 PDT
Just an update to note that I've now installed NTP, so the incorrect server time issues should hopefully be a thing of the past. I've also had to update the JDK version, as apparently the old version hadn't yet been updated with the new daylight savings time info. -- Ryan 09-Mar-2008 23:38 PDT

Admin Tool


can you give me list of functions, the admin tool offers? I´m about evaluating jsp-based Wikis on the market, and need information about your admin optins.

Is there a possibility of defining individual link abbreviations?

Thanks -- 13-Dec-2006 00:04 PST

Rather than listing everything that's on the admin page, your best option is probably to just install JAMWiki and see what is offered for yourself - setup is really easy. I'm not sure what you mean by "link abbreviations", but if you can provide an example I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question. -- Ryan 13-Dec-2006 22:26 PST
With abbreviations I mean that you can define your own links, similar to the interwiki links. (e.g. [files:testfile.doc] instead of [C:\Home\files\tesfile.doc] ) Sorry but I was looking for fast Information on the admin options there are, so I don´t want to install the system. Thanks fo your help -- 13-Dec-2006 23:52 PST


You may want to consider getting JAMWiki added to this wiki software comparison site: I used that site a lot when looking for/comparing available wiki software. -- scroco 14-Nov-2006 14:39 PST

Thanks, I've sent them an email requesting that JAMWiki be listed. JAMWiki is also listed on Freshmeat and Downloads increase noticeably every time an announcement shows up on the Freshmeat home page, although (which is the #2 search result in Google for "java wiki") seems to drive traffic here more consistently.
Done - I'll update it a bit more tomorrow, suggestions (as always) are welcome. -- Ryan 15-Nov-2006 01:29 PST
Hi Ryan - On the website says: "Datastorage Text Files no" I think this is wrong, you may give them a notice. -- Michael Habbert 19-Nov-2006 15:51 CET
I'm actually the one who entered the information about JAMWiki, and they gave me access to edit as well. Their definition of "text file" data storage (according to is "does the Wiki store files in plain text format". Since JAMWiki doesn't do that I checked no - there wasn't a better option. I'll have to see if there's any other way I can make it clearer that you don't need a database for JAMWiki use. Thanks! -- Ryan 19-Nov-2006 07:58 PST

Site Outage

The site was down from about midnight last night until 8:00 AM this morning. Apologies for that - apparently the router decided to be helpful and reset all of its settings for no apparent reason; if anyone out there is considering buying a Zoom 5590 DSL router you might want to investigate some alternative options. -- Ryan 01-Feb-2007 09:14 PST

I'm trying a new router out (hence the hour of downtime today) so hopefully some of these issues will now go away. -- Ryan 18-Feb-2007 16:31 PST
Two additional notes: first, we upgraded to a cable modem, so hopefully there should now be more bandwidth available and uploads/downloads from the site will be faster. I'm not sure how reliable the cable company will be, but with luck there shouldn't be many problems. Second, the power company will be doing work on the night of 06-March starting at 6:00 PM PST and lasting for about twelve hours, so if the power goes out the site will go down for a while. Things should return to normal by 9:00 AM on 07-March. -- Ryan 02-Mar-2007 19:27 PST
The power is back on, so should again be running as normal. -- Ryan 06-Mar-2007 09:57 PST

Debian Etch is Evil

Apologies for the site outage today - I upgraded the server to the latest Debian version, which apparently implements SELinux. I then spent the next five hours trying to get my Tomcat applications working again. In fairness to the Debian team the new release looks really good and they've done a great job, but a warning in the release notes that some applications might fail due to SELinux issues would have been appreciated and might have saved me my Saturday. For what it's worth, I challenge anyone to get a moderately complex web application running without giving up and using the default "AllPermissions" - if you can do so you're a better man that I am. -- Ryan 22-Apr-2007 00:40 PDT Problems has been slow or even unavailable lately; it's not clear yet whether this is due to problems with my ISP, router, or with, but hopefully they'll be resolved soon. -- Ryan 12-Mar-2008 09:53 PDT