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I'm curious ... why did you implement the stylesheet as a wiki page instead of as a regular old css file? -- scroco 14-Aug-2006 14:36 PDT

The original reason was that the Very Quick Wiki code included the Stylesheet as a Wiki topic, but they included style information inline. It seemed (to me) that there wasn't really any disadvantage of having the stylesheet be a Wiki topic so long as it was included as a separate file (to allow caching). The advantage is that you can allow people to edit it without having to give them access to your server, and edit history is there in case you ever need to revert. Seemed like a win-win, although if there's an interest in allowing a flat file for CSS I don't see any reason why that couldn't be added as an option, too.
I'd also like to move all of the translation files to Wiki topics - currently the Special:Translation tool can be used to edit translations, but that saves the files directly to the filesystem without any edit history or indication that the file was updated. It's better than giving translators direct access to upload files to the server, but it would be nicer (and probably easier) to just make Wiki topics that could be edited and saved to file. Implementing that is a bit tricky, however, so I keep putting it off. -- Ryan 14-Aug-2006 14:43 PDT

Hover link color

Currently, when hovering over a link of class "edit", the underline changes from red to blue. Add this to the stylesheet to fix

a.edit:hover {
	border-bottom: 1px solid #aa1111;

-- scroco 15-Aug-2006 16:50 PDT

Done, both on and in the Subversion repository. Thanks! -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 18:51 PDT