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Cleanup in 'Sites using JAMWiki' neccessary?

While looking for some references of 'big' jamwiki installations I found many of the listed references dead or nearly dead:

Seems as if our wiki ( and are by far the largest installations!? Are there any examples of a JAMWiki installation with thousands of pages and several hundrets of users? I am asking because we are faced with an inquiry to build such a large wiki installation. --HB 17-Nov-2009 02:41 PST

As far as I'm able to tell JAMWiki has been most popular for use on non-public sites - my current workplace is using it with several hundred users and several thousand pages, and I'm aware of another site that runs a modified JAMWiki version with only a handful of users but several million pages. That said, if you need a concrete public example of a very large site running JAMWiki then I'm not aware of anything larger than the examples you've cited, although there is no reason why JAMWiki shouldn't support a large site provided an external database is used (HSQL is not appropriate for large loads and extensive content) and that the load is not so great that multiple servers would be required - at present JAMWiki will not properly scale to multiple machines. I'd also suggest configuring a web server to serve images and files rather than trying to serve them from the app server (this is how is configured). -- Ryan • (comments) • 17-Nov-2009 06:53 PST
Thank you for your feedback Ryan. In our case we are running a larger non-public wiki, too. But it would be nice if there would be an example which can be shown to other people to help the decision making process. We are already running our wiki installation with a powerful oracle database and behind an apache server that is serving all 'upload' contents --HB 18-Nov-2009 00:15 PST
p.s.: I would revise the 'Sites using JAMWiki' section in a way that removes links not pointing to productive jamwiki installations and introduce an ordering of the remaining sites according to the number of articles and change activity. Is this OK? --HB 18-Nov-2009 00:23 PST
I'm working on getting a relatively large site (~50,000 topics) together, partly for my own testing purposes and partly because I think the content is worth putting online, and will make it public once it's ready and once I can come up with a good domain name. As to updating the "Powered by JAMWiki" page, if you are willing to update the list I'd be very grateful! One of my biggest frustrations has been in trying to figure out how to encourage more people to help out with documentation and updates on as I don't have enough time to do my day job, write code, and keep the site in the shape that I'd like it to be in :) -- Ryan • (comments) • 18-Nov-2009 06:36 PST

JamWiki Needs More Exposure

Moved from the Feedback page:

A lot of competing wiki software that isn't as mature as jamwiki is listed on wikipedia's comparison of wiki softare page found here:

If anyone has the time/patience to update wikipedia, it could only help jamwiki thrive.

I'd be grateful for anything anyone can do to help promote JAMWiki. My only concern would be ensuring that any promotion doesn't diverge into advertising/spamming - Wikipedia has a Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Notability requirement, but if JAMWiki meets that requirement then by all means please add it in Wikipedia. In addition, if there are any other sites out there that JAMWiki should be listed on please submit it - I've put JAMWiki on, and on, but any others would be great. -- Ryan 06-Jun-2007 11:03 PDT

JamWiki was removed from Wikipedia's "List of Wiki Software"

I was just going through Wikipedia's List of Wiki Software and noticed that JamWiki wasn't on there. (Although it IS listed on the Comparison of Wiki Software).

It seems that, on the November 8th edit, someone purged all external links, leaving JamWiki only a link to a Wiki Edit page. Then, on November 10th, all red links were removed; hence, Jamwiki was eliminated. So, what someone needs to do is make a Wikipedia page for Jamwiki, and then get Jamwiki relisted, otherwise it'll just be purged again. --Ean 04-Jan-2008 11:33 PST

Thanks for pointing this out. Wikipedia has requirements for software "notability", and guidelines against project members creating or editing articles about their projects. Neither of these guidelines seem to be adhered to in any consistent manner, but as a result I've been hesitant to put too much about JAMWiki in Wikipedia... if someone who is a more frequent Wikipedia contributor wants to start a JAMWiki article I'd be glad to help out, but I've tried to be careful not to run afoul of the Wikipedia establishment. -- Ryan 04-Jan-2008 22:17 PST
Good call -- it really doesn't take much to get blacklisted over there. I'll do a little research on their notability guidelines and see if I can't get JamWiki re-listed. --Ean 07-Jan-2008 09:51 PST
Thanks! At one point there was a requirement that software had to be included in a major distribution (or something like that) before it got its own article, although there is a LOT of software in Wikipedia that doesn't meet that criteria. In any case, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out that doesn't run afoul of Jimmy Wales & Friends. -- Ryan 07-Jan-2008 11:33 PST
It looks like someone beat me to the punch. Hey, less work for me! Thanks to wikipedia user "Khartlage", whoever you are. --Ean 08-Jan-2008 09:14 PST
(Re-indenting for readability) That's very cool that the project finally landed in Wikipedia. Provided the cleanup crew doesn't delete it, and provide no one beats me to it, I'll try and add a bit more after another week or two. Thanks for following up on this! -- Ryan 08-Jan-2008 12:41 PST