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Comments:JAMWiki as JSR-168 compliant portlet

JAMWiki as JSR-168 compliant portlet?

Is your wiki system already available as JSR-168 compliant portlet? Or is it planned to add JSR-168 / JSR-286 capabilities to your project?

More and more standard compliant portal platforms emerge on the commercial or open source market, and most portal projects need a wiki system.

Consequently, it seems like a win-win situation to me: if your wiki can be deployed in platforms such as eXo, both sides win. The makers of the portal platform win a wiki and you win another user group (the group of portal users who need a wiki and can't use a stand-alone wiki system)

That's why I am wondering if your wiki already implements those portlet standard interfaces or if it is planned to do so.



I haven't looked at portlet compatibility yet, but will add it to the Roadmap for further discussion. Could you provide an example of how you would envision using a Wiki within a portlet architecture? -- Ryan 03-Aug-2006 10:32 PDT
Maybe is much simpler with Spring. Mike 20-Jul-2007 18:51 PDT