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Comments:JAMWiki Proposed Logos

Archived from the Feedback page:

How about this: collaboration.gif? It's a logo that my colleague made a while ago for a completely different purpose but I think it would suit a wiki - it is meant to symbolise collaboration. It would need the text JAMWiki adding. What do you think? -- Oliver 10-Sep-2006 14:54 PDT

I'm generally more concerned with making sure that the code is readable and willing to leave aesthetic decisions to others, but ideally I'd like the JAMWiki logo to be something memorable - Mediawiki has the flower, Firefox has the fox, Linux has the penguin. What if we set up a page similar to, where people can submit logo ideas and others can comment on them? That would serve two purposes: first, it would provide a place where anyone running JAMWiki could download a new logo that they like, and second, it would allow people to get comments on logo ideas and might eventually lead to a new default logo. Would that work? -- Ryan 11-Sep-2006 09:38 PDT
Seems a good idea, I'll look out for it -- Oliver 12-Sep-2006 01:58 PDT
I've started JAMWiki Proposed Logos, so please feel free to upload any logo ideas there. Thanks for the interest! -- Ryan 14-Sep-2006 01:18 PDT