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Redirect Page Links

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The page Special:LinkTo is not showing redirected links. For example: JRE redirects to Java Runtime Envirement. If i create a link to JRE it will not appear at Java Runtime Envirement Special:LinkTo, only JRE link. Felipe Avilis • 30-Sep-2011 14:02 PDT

Implementing that feature has been on the TODO list for several releases, including JAMWiki 1.2 ("Special:LinkTo should display links from redirects, so if A links to B which redirects to C, then the "link to" records for 'C' should show 'A' via 'B'."), but since no users had brought it up it hasn't been a very high priority. If you could please remind me about this issue occasionally as the JAMWiki 1.2 development cycle goes on, I'll try to make sure it finally gets implemented. -- Ryan • (comments) • 30-Sep-2011 17:37 PDT
I will. Sorry for not read the 1.2 plans. Felipe Avilis • 03-Oct-2011 12:53 PDT
Definitely no need to apologize - thanks for bringing this issue up as it lets me know that it's a feature someone wants to see implemented, and thus helps me prioritize. -- Ryan • (comments) • 03-Oct-2011 14:51 PDT

Upgrade failure

Upgrade from JAMWiki 1.0.1 to JAMWiki 1.2.0
A fatal error has occurred while upgrading the system. 
Please see the /WEB-INF/UPGRADE.txt document for manual upgrade steps and report any errors in the logs at 
The error message is: ORA-01430: column being added already exists in table 
The upgrade has failed. Please see below and check the logs for any failure messages, 
and consult the UPGRADE.txt document for details on how to perform a manual upgrade.
Please report this error at and provide any relevant information in the bug report. 
[[User:shar|shar]] 29-Mar-2012 02:31 PDT
Were there any other messages in the logs indicating the column name? Were you already running any development code that might have previously modified your database? -- Ryan • (comments) • 29-Mar-2012 07:44 PDT
I have never found the information about the table name and column name. If I knew the name of the table and column it would have been easier. I also doubt. I tested it twice already (I have three test schema name). But I think everything is correct. Tomorrow I'll check again. -- shar 29-Mar-2012 08:06 PDT
Thanks. I'll try to reproduce this, time permitting. -- Ryan • (comments) • 29-Mar-2012 15:39 PDT
There are two columns that are added during upgrade from 1.0.x to 1.1.x:
   alter table jam_log add column log_sub_type INTEGER;
   alter table jam_recent_change add column log_sub_type INTEGER;
I assume in your setup that the log_sub_type column was somehow already added? If that's the case then dropping that column prior to running the upgrade should work. Let me know if that helps. -- Ryan • (comments) • 29-Mar-2012 20:16 PDT
I'm sorry Ryan. I am very guilty. I hurried and took another dump scheme. Now I have been punished so that he lost some data. This is because I did update to v.1.2 beta and confused. I rolled back to a previous dump and everything went without any errors. Once again, please forgive me for troubling you. -- shar 30-Mar-2012 00:54 PDT
P.S. I'm afraid once again disturbed, but I have to IE8 and error debugging is enabled, an error in the search mode - Line: 193 document.searchForm.text 'is null or is not object (for the accuracy of the translation from Russian I can not vouch). It is at work on the site On my server with IE7 too. -- shar 30-Mar-2012 01:56 PDT
Sorry for the trouble - I've logged this as JAMWIKI-84 and will get it fixed as soon as possible. -- Ryan • (comments) • 30-Mar-2012 07:42 PDT
Changing line 39 of /WEB-INF/jsp/search.jsp to:
<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById("searchTerm").focus();</script>
...should fix the Javascript error. I'll get that fix into JAMWiki 1.2.1 - thanks for the report. -- Ryan • (comments) • 30-Mar-2012 21:22 PDT

Images in MySQL Database

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Hello, is it possible that images are saved in an external MySQL Database? If so, how? 27-Dec-2010 11:54 PST

Image files are stored on the file system; there is currently no support available for storing them in the database, although that is a feature request that others have made in the past so a future JAMWiki release may add support for doing so. -- Ryan • (comments) • 27-Dec-2010 20:43 PST

How to embed html, for example google maps

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Hi, How do you embed html? for example google maps into jamwiki. For example how would the following be embedded:

<iframe width="500px" height="300px" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>


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iframes are not currently supported, although this is a feature that has been requested in the past. If you are a Java programmer skills it would be relatively easy to write a custom tag for iframes (follow the example of the GalleryTag). If there is enough interest I could also look into making a plugin available for JAMWiki 1.2 to support iframes. In the mean time, the only option I can think of would be to enable Javascript for your wiki and embed maps via Javascript. -- Ryan • (comments) • 20-Oct-2011 08:12 PDT
Thanks Ryan, for the quick response.
I had a look at the code and the change does not seem straight forward to me. Can you add please add iframe support to the next release. Thanks. -- 19pre3.128.61.237 21-Oct-2011 08:02 PDT