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Templates with Relative Pagenames

Archived from the Feedback page:

Hello Ryan, Im trying to make templates to use subpages with relative pagenames but it is not working. Im trying to do something like wikipedia:Template:Documentation. For example, i have the template myTemplate, and the subpage info:


I also have an other template showInfo that i'm trying to use to show the info subpage content of the template. The showInfo content is:

   <div class="infoStyle">

But its not working. It olny shows {{myTemplate/info}} like a nowiki code inside the <div>. -- Felipe Avilis • (comments) •

I'll need to try to reproduce this in order to better understand the problem. If you have the time and can create templates to show the issue here on I'd be grateful, otherwise I'll try doing so tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the report. -- Ryan • (comments) • 23-May-2011 12:57 PDT
The templates are created here: Template:showInfo and Template:Command -- Felipe Avilis • (comments) •
Thanks - I'll see if I can figure out a solution after work ends today. -- Ryan • (comments) • 23-May-2011 13:22 PDT
Thank you for your quick response. -- Felipe Avilis • (comments) •
I've pushed a change to that I think fixes the issue - do your templates look correct to you now? If so I'll release the fix as part of JAMWiki 1.0.4, and if you need the change now I can push a beta release to that you can use - let me know. -- Ryan • (comments) • 24-May-2011 07:31 PDT
Looks perfect! I'll appreciate if you could release a beta. Thank you very much. -- Felipe Avilis • (comments) •
I'll try to get something out tonight - it only takes a couple of minutes to generate the beta, but it will take a little longer to test it out to ensure that nothing went wrong with my scripts. A version of JAMWiki 1.0.3 with this fix applied is available at - please let me know if you encounter any problems. The final JAMWiki 1.0.4 release should go out in about two weeks, following he standard montly minor release cycle.
I've credited you in the CHANGELOG as "felipeavilis" but please let me know if you prefer something else. -- Ryan • (comments) • 24-May-2011 08:02 PDT
Felipe Avilis is fine, thanks. I hope to contribute much more for this project. -- Felipe Avilis • (comments) •