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Comments:JAMWiki 1.0

Logos for virtual Wikis[edit]

Archived from the Feedback page:

Is there a Posibility to Change the Logo for all single virtual Wikis ? Or can i only change it for all Wikis?

For now at least the logo is not virtual-wiki specific. Feel free to update Tech:Virtual Wiki Enhancements with any requests - allowing virtual-wiki speific logos probably makes sense. -- Ryan • (comments) • 08-Apr-2010 15:14 PDT

Diff HTML[edit]

Archived from the Feedback page:

In 0.9.1 on the history diff pages the layout is produced in HTML as a series of div's with CSS styling applied to them. In MediaWiki, the layout is done with an HTML table (with CSS applied for coloring, et cetera.) This is probably a completely unintentional MediaWiki feature but the table is much easier to copy into a word processor document than is the JAMWiki output. (In fact with OpenOffice I couldn't find any way to import it that wouldn't either crash my version of OO or have a completely messed-up layout.) Not a high priority for me but I just wanted you to know.

The actual diff algorithm you use I like much better than MediaWiki's. I'd also like to mention that 0.9.1 is fantastic; the new parser functions dramatically expand what I'm able to do with templates. --Floating World 29-Aug-2010 18:31 PDT

Updating to more closely match Mediawiki should be doable. I'll add this to Tech:JAMWiki 1.0.0, but please remind me occasionally so I don't forget. Thanks for the feedback! -- Ryan • (comments) • 02-Sep-2010 22:01 PDT
revision 3426 implements this request. -- Ryan • (comments) • 14-Jan-2011 10:57 PST

Hurrah for 1.0![edit]

Archived from the Feedback page:

Congratulations on the GA release of such a fine product! I hope you broke out a bottle of champagne or something along those lines.

Upgraded my own installation (which has gone 0.8.0 -> 0.9.1 -> 1.0.0, on Ubuntu Jaunty and Resin) and everything went perfectly. --Floating World 27-Jan-2011 20:16 PST

Thanks for the feedback - hearing success reports is actually a huge incentive for continued development! Thanks also for your feedback and bug reports over the past several releases as they've helped improve JAMWiki a great deal and have been very much appreciated. -- Ryan • (comments) • 27-Jan-2011 20:56 PST