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JAMWiki 0.6.4

Archived from the Feedback page:

In case anyone was curious, here's an update on the status of the next JAMWiki release, and a bit of insight as to how development tends to proceed. At the beginning of most release cycles I try to do a bit of cleanup, and for this release an effort was made to reduce some dependencies between packages. By changing a few APIs and moving a couple of utility classes around it became clear that a long-time project goal of allowing the parser to be used as a standalone application could be achieved. As a result, once the necessary cleanups were done the project was split into sub-projects, and now the jamwiki-core project (which contains the parser) can be used as a standalone library.

The additional parser flexibility made it possible to implement significantly more unit tests, and a new and much simpler infrastructure for unit testing the parser was created. Previously unit tests were limited to wiki markup that didn't require access to any classes outside of the base parser (which meant no topic lookups), but now any markup can be unit tested by creating a file that contains sample wiki syntax, another file that contains the expected HTML output, and a one-line method that triggers the parser.

In the process of generating unit tests some minor Mediawiki incompatibilities showed up. In the past I've been hesitant to make significant changes to the parser due to the fact that it can break easily, but with a more thorough set of unit tests it seemed worthwhile to make a fairly radical change to how topics are tokenized, a change that should allow a lot of future cleanups and that will generate HTML that is much closer to that produced by Mediawiki, including whitespace and newlines.

And that's where things now stand. At the moment JAMWiki 0.6.4 contains some significant architecture updates, but not a lot in the way of user-visible changes. These architecture changes make the code more flexible, which should allow some exciting developments for future releases, and will hopefully lower the learning-curve needed for new developers who want to understand the code. I'm notoriously bad at predicting release dates, and while I don't see any hurry in getting the next release out I would like to make a few more parser updates, add a bit more unit test coverage, and then try to get something out to users without a lot more delay. This has been a surprisingly fun release cycle for, and one that I really think makes a significant improvement in the JAMWiki code quality and overall implementation. -- Ryan 21-Feb-2008 22:38 PST

JAMWiki 0.6.4 beta 1

After a couple of months of development the first beta for 0.6.4 is ready. There isn't a lot in the way of user-visible changes planned for 0.6.4, but there is a LOT of change that has taken place under the hood. The project structure was re-organized, the parser was significantly modified, unit test coverage was massively expanded, and general goodness and joy was added. There is more work to do, but the work that has begun should lead to a much more flexible and cleaner code base, which hopefully will make it easier for others to get involved in the project and for other projects to integrate JAMWiki libraries, such as the parser. That's the long-term goal, anyhow.

The CHANGELOG contains a reasonably detailed list of changes for those who are interested. For those who don't care about changes and just want the downloads they are below, and for those who aren't really interested in either the CHANGELOG or the code, I'd suggest visiting another site since you're apparently in the wrong place.

I won't try to predict a release date since I'm terrible at doing so, but at least at this moment I'm pretty happy with the state of the code and ready to begin testing in preparation for a release, so there is at least a chance that the final 0.6.4 release could happen soon. If you have bug reports, a change that needs to go in, or pending translations to add, please let me know soon if you want them included in this release. -- Ryan 24-Feb-2008 22:12 PST

JAMWiki 0.6.4 beta 2

There was a relatively serious parser regression in the first beta that is now fixed. The new beta download is below.

My least favorite part of each release cycle is testing installation, upgrade, and other capabilities on different databases, so if anyone is willing to do some testing with this beta and could provide feedback about what setup you tested with it would be appreciated and will help speed up the release process. -- Ryan 01-Mar-2008 15:00 PST