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JAMWiki 0.6.1

Archived from the Feedback page:

Status update

I'm not personally planning on working on any major new functionality for the next JAMWiki release and instead will likely be focusing on minor cleanups and bug fixes. As a result, unless another developer has significant changes to merge the next release will probably be versioned as 0.6.1 and contain a bunch of tiny changes. Thus far Subversion contains some DB2 fixes, some TOC updates, some cosmetic changes to Special:Translation, and a few other minor updates. If the rate of change continues to be slow I suspect it should be possible to get the next release out by the end of the month, although I'm notoriously bad at predicting release dates. Beware that there are a few major changes lurking (email support and Hibernate support are supposedly on the horizon), and if either of those go in then the release date will probably be significantly pushed back, and the next version number may get bumped to 0.7.0 (note to those working on major features: pushing back the next release date is not a bad thing!) -- Ryan 12-Sep-2007 23:42 PDT

Status Update #2

I've been making a bunch of look & feel updates for the next release, and just pushed some changes to I'm trying to get rid of HTML tables and replace them with divs which offer a bit more flexibility. I have access to numerous browsers at work, but haven't yet tested the new layout, so if anyone notices any layout issues please add a comment below.

Work is keeping me insanely busy, so there has been almost no time for JAMWiki development lately, but with luck I may be able to spare some time this weekend to get a beta out, with a final 0.6.1 release to (hopefully) follow quickly after. -- Ryan 04-Oct-2007 20:47 PDT looks OK to me using Firefox, Safari (Windows), and Opera. IE6 and IE7 are fine except for some extra padding at the top of the page, which I'll investigate. If anyone else sees any issues with the new CSS layout please add a comment below. -- Ryan 05-Oct-2007 07:41 PDT
I've pushed several more updates to today that remove HTML tables and replace them with divs. I'm not seeing any problems on the browsers I have access to, but if anyone notices any issues please add a comment below and I'll look into fixing the problem. When all is done it should hopefully be easier to customize the JAMWiki look & feel, and with any luck the default installation might even be able to ship with a few different skins that people could choose from. -- Ryan 06-Oct-2007 21:28 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.1 beta 1

Provided there are no surprises this will probably be the only beta before the final 0.6.1 release:

No major changes, just bugfixes & some look & feel updates:

  • Lots of additional help text added to fields.
  • HTML tables converted to divs.
  • Upgrade to Spring Framework 2.0.7.
  • Upgrade to Acegi Security 1.0.5.
  • Several table of contents fixes.
  • Other miscellaneous fixes and cleanups.

I'd particuarly be interested in knowing if the new code (which is running on displays incorrectly in any browsers, or if any app servers (especially those other than Tomcat) have problems. Additional feedback is always welcome and can be placed below. -- Ryan 07-Oct-2007 15:03 PDT

It looks like there are some display issues on IE7. I'll try to get those resolved in the next couple of days. -- Ryan 09-Oct-2007 07:40 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.1 beta 2

The IE7 display issues should now be resolved, and this beta also includes updated German translations from User:frareinif. I'd like to push the new release out soon, so testing of this new beta would be appreciated:

-- Ryan 14-Oct-2007 17:24 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.1 Released

JAMWiki 0.6.1 is out there now. There are still a few lingering issues, but there are enough improvements and fixes over 0.6.0 that it doesn't seem to make sense to delay a release any further. This is a minor release, so upgrades should (hopefully!) be much simpler than with the previous 0.6.0 release, which contained numerous major changes. As always, feedback is encouraged and appreciated. -- Ryan 21-Oct-2007 19:18 PDT