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Topic comments delete

Archived from the Feedback page:

When a topic which has comments is deleted, the comments are not deleted. If the topic is created anew, the old comments automatically associate to the new version of the topic. I think the comments should be deleted when the topic is deleted (and undeleted if the topic is undeleted. -- scroco 07-Sep-2006 15:46 PDT

Would it suffice to add a checkbox saying "Delete comments page as well?", similar to what is currently done for the "Move" functionality? Mediawiki requires that comment and non-comment articles be deleted separately, but I agree that it would be convenient to have the option to delete both at once. -- Ryan 08-Sep-2006 11:04 PDT

Yes, I think adding a checkbox would suffice. If it were me, I'd probably default the box to checked. -- scroco 08-Sep-2006 13:18 PDT

JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta2 will include this feature, and I've got it running on now. There are still a few kinks with delete/un-delete that could use further testing, so if you encounter any problems (other than the one above) let me know. -- Ryan 26-Oct-2006 18:44 PDT

Table of Contents

Archived from the Feedback page:

Is there any way to limit the number of outline levels displayed in table of contents?

I would like to limit my toc to just two levels.

Thanks CB

At present there is no way to limit it, but it probably won't be tough to add. I'll add it to the list. -- Ryan 03-Oct-2006 14:57 PDT
I've added code to allow specifying a maximum table of contents depth (1-5). The code is now running on and will be included in JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta2. -- Ryan 26-Oct-2006 20:54 PDT

JAMWiki 0.4.2

Archived from the Feedback page:

Release plans

This is the list of issues that may be addressed for JAMWiki 0.4.2.

  • Provide support for a watchlist as described in Roadmap#Watchlist. Update: partially implemented, highlighting of recent changes still needs to be implemented. Feedback is appreciated. This is done, but will probably be modified slightly before the final release.
  • Alphabetical index for pagination as described in #Allpages pagination.
  • Pagination will link to a page with no elements when total % offset = 0.
  • Add the ability to assign roles to users such as translator, admin, sysadmin (may slip to 0.5.x).
  • When deleting, provide an option to also delete comments page. Will be included with JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta2.
  • Add support for substitution such as {{subst:template}}.
  • Fix parameter substitution for named / unnamed per the spec. Update: from the code I suspect this may work, but I've not tested.
  • Potentially add support for the msgnw option (does anyone use this?).
  • Support for Mediawiki magic words. Update: as of JAMWiki 0.4.0 beta 8 a large number of the magic words are supported. Most likely full magic word support will come in a later release.
  • Template inclusion breaks section edit links (numbering off). Update: for now I've disabled section editing on pages that use template inclusion. This isn't a long-term solution, but thus far I haven't come up with a good way to handle this issue.
  • Wikitravel:Template:Quickbar doesn't work with JAMWiki 0.4.0, probably due to the use of templates in template parameters. This will go on the to-do list for 0.4.2. Problem appears to have been due to whitespace around parameter names - should be working on now and fix will be included in beta3.
  • Replace the AdminOnlyTopics default topic with a Special: page that automatically builds a list of admin-only (and possibly read-only) topics. AdminOnlyTopics replaced by Special:TopicsAdmin.
  • Provide translations for default topics as described in Roadmap#Translations_for_Default_Topics.
  • Add support for the Mediawiki reference tag as described in Roadmap#References.
  • DB2 database support. Update: code added, just need someone to verify that it's solid.
  • MS SQL database support. Update: support updated/tested by Robert Matyja. Robert reports this to be working.
  • When two headings have the same name the TOC always links to the first one.
  • Bug Reports#Character problem
  • "Link to" for redirects does not show final link destination. Update: this functionality isn't hard to add but has performance implications.
  • Roadmap#Translation File History. Update: partially implemented. Versions are saved, which might be sufficient, although file uploads do not cause new versions to appear.
  • Add a "User contributions" link from user pages.
  • Address case sensitivity issues for topic names and user names. Update: constraint added to the database to ensure user logins are unique in a case-insensitive way.
  • Display warning when uploading an image and an image of the same name already exists.
  • Provide a way to delete image files.
  • After editing a section, page should load to that section. This should (hopefully) be working now and will be included in JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta 1.
  • Add support for the Mediawiki <gallery> tag.
  • After editing the browser should redirect in a way such that pressing "refresh" will not re-submit the edit content. This should be fixed for JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta 1, but feedback is appreciated.
  • Add an option to limit the TOC depth to a specified number of headings. Code added for beta2 and already running on
  • Upgrade to the newly release Spring 2.0. Done, will be included in beta1.
  • Parsing of images is slow, so look into caching some image information to prevent the need to re-read images each time they are used.
  • Allow the parser to be used independently per Roadmap#Non-embedded parser.
  • Non-English file names don't work - see Image:测试图片.gif. Update: I've got this working on my laptop, but it still fails on Update #2: Thus far I can't figure this one out but suspect that it's related to Tomcat 4.1. The latest code (beta3) works with Tomcat 5.5 on my Windows box, and I'd be interested in feedback from users of other application servers.
  • Bug introduced with beta1 could allow a version to be created if a user clicks save even if no content changed. Fixed for beta3 and already on - sorry about the regression.
  • HSQL jar file is 1.5-only, need to recompile. File re-compiled for beta3.
  • HSQL upgrade issue as outlined on the Bug Reports page. Update: I suspect the problem was due to the upgrade failing, and then files from the partially completed upgrade causing further attempts to fail. Feedback would be appreciated.
  • Add appropriate meta tags, including description.

JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta 1

Here's the first beta for JAMWiki 0.4.2:

The big change in this beta is watchlist support. There were a few database schema changes that added the jam_watchlist table and modified the jam_topic table, but those should be performed automatically by the upgrade process when the new beta is first run. If you have any problems please let me know, and see the UPGRADE.txt document for a list of manual instructions.

Other changes in this beta include:

  • Upgrades to the new Spring 2.0 libraries.
  • Removal of the static AdminOnlyTopics topic (replaced by Special:TopicsAdmin).
  • Updates so that after editing a section the page will load to that section.
  • Fixes to (hopefully) prevent a user clicking the browser "refresh" button from re-submitting posted form data.
  • Miscellaneous cleanups and fixes - see the Subversion logs for details.

The new code is running on, but I haven't done any extensive testing so feedback is very much appreciated. -- Ryan 26-Oct-2006 01:38 PDT

JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta 2

Here's the second beta for JAMWiki 0.4.2:

Changes since yesterday include:

  • Caching updates - the cache code was cleaned up and is a bit more intelligent, which should help performance. Caching will be significantly modified during the 0.5.x release cycle as described on the Roadmap.
  • Performance updates - a database initialization parameter wasn't being properly set, which was causing unneeded database queries.
  • TOC depth. There is now an admin option to allow limiting how deep table of contents entries can nest, as requested by Colin.
  • Deleting/Undeleting now offers a checkbox to also delete/undelete the corresponding comments page.
  • Robert added some new Polish translations and a MS SQL fix.

I'd like to focus on fixes for template issues and the non-English filename issue and hopefully get the final release out some time next week. Feedback, bug reports and suggestions are appreciated as always. -- Ryan 26-Oct-2006 21:55 PDT

JAMWiki 0.4.2 beta 3

Here's the third beta for JAMWiki 0.4.2:


  • Several template fixes. I no longer have any test cases that fail, so if anyone has a Mediawiki template that doesn't work properly with the new JAMWiki code please let me know.
  • The HSQL jar file has been recompiled to be JDK 1.4 compatible.
  • Updated Polish & Hungarian translations.
  • A couple of minor bug fixes.
  • Fix for non-English file names. This is still broken on, but it works on my Windows machine and I suspect the problem on is Tomcat related.

I need to look into the reported HSQL upgrade problem, and once that's fixed the code will go into release candidate mode for 0.4.2. -- Ryan 28-Oct-2006 19:09 PDT

JAMWiki 0.4.2 release candidate 1

Here's the first release candidate for JAMWiki 0.4.2:


  • Improved error handling - unhandled errors should be very, very rare.
  • Some cleanups/simplifications in the org.jamwiki.servlets package.
  • Fix an error when upgrading in file persistency mode.
  • Fix a setup problem related to a bad database query.
  • Downgrade JUnit to 3.8.2 - 4.1 is JDK 1.5 or greater.
  • A few other minor cleanups and bugfixes.

I've got more testing to do, but the only other changes that will be made (if any) will be bugfixes and very minor cleanups. Please report any problems. -- Ryan 30-Oct-2006 23:31 PST

JAMWiki 0.4.2 release candidate 2

Here's the second release candidate for JAMWiki 0.4.2:

The only change is a fix to prevent an error from being thrown when a user attempts to register using a login that is already being used. At this point I've done fresh installs in file persistency mode and with MySQL, and have tested upgrades in file persistency mode, using MySQL, and using Postgres. Barring further surprises this will be the final release and will go out tomorrow. If anyone has updated translations please get them to me in the next twenty-four hours, otherwise they'll have to wait until JAMWiki 0.4.3.

Feedback and bug reports for this release candidate are very much appreciated, as always. -- Ryan 31-Oct-2006 15:00 PST