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Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

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JAMWiki 0.3.5

Archived from the Feedback page:

Release plans

This is the list of stuff that might make it into JAMWiki 0.3.5. I'd like to keep the release cycle a bit shorter this time, with the hope of starting on the 0.4.x release process within a week or so.

  • DB2 database support.
  • Pagination for long pages (see #Allpages pagination). Will be included in beta3.
  • Bug Reports#Character problem
  • "Link to" for redirects does not show final link destination. Update: this functionality isn't hard to add but has performance implications, so will probably slip to another release.
  • When deleting, provide an option to also delete comments page.
  • Roadmap#Translation File History. Update: partially implemented. Versions are saved, which might be sufficient, although file uploads do not cause new versions to appear.
  • Allow inter-wiki links such as [[:Wikipedia:Main Page]]. Infrastructure is in place for this, I just need to take an hour to look at it. Implemented for JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta3.
  • Remove remaining usage of Utilities.getMessage(). Most are gone, the remaining ones may not be a problem.
  • Add a "User contributions" link from user pages.
  • Address case sensitivity issues for topic names and user names. Update: constraint added to the database to ensure user logins are unique in a case-insensitive way.
  • Display warning when uploading an image and an image of the same name already exists.
  • Provide a way to delete image files.
  • Do not display the delete tag for users who cannot delete, or for new topics.
  • After editing a section, page should load to that section.
  • Add support for the Mediawiki <gallery> tag.
  • After editing the browser should redirect in a way such that pressing "refresh" will not re-submit the edit content.
  • Topics with names like "Topic/Archive" are currently not allowed, but Mediawiki supports names of this format. Currently running on jamwiki.org, will be included in beta2.
  • Find a workaround for the Tomcat issue with percent signs in URLS (Bug Reports#Character problem II).
I've just pushed some changes to jamwiki.org that include some parser simplifications. There are a few things that still need fixing, particularly the "link to" functionality, but despite the problem I'd like to let the code run on jamwiki.org to try to flush out any issues I'm not aware of. Just a warning in case you notice anything unusual. -- Ryan 26-Sep-2006 22:45 PDT
I've fixed a few issues and will keep an eye out for any others. Feedback is appreciated as always. -- Ryan 26-Sep-2006 23:25 PDT
Image parsing is a somewhat broken - see Baby Elephant. I'll fix it in the morning. -- Ryan 27-Sep-2006 00:55 PDT
The image parsing should now be fixed. I'll make a few more updates for Henri to fix some DB2/400 issues, then beta5 should be ready for release. -- Ryan 27-Sep-2006 11:17 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 1

This beta is being released solely in order to get feedback about the new DB2 code. It contains no changes other than the DB2 additions:

Note that this beta is completely untested with DB2, so there will almost certainly be errors - please let me know about any problems, and hopefully we can get them resolved quickly. -- Ryan 21-Sep-2006 15:55 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 2

I may not have internet access for the next couple of days, so I wanted to get something out although this beta may have some rough edges. The code is running on jamwiki.org, and I expect there are probably some issues - please report any oddities.

Changes include an update for DB2 support (move connection validation to properties file), link building cleanups (will probably break a few places), a search cleanup, support for topics with names like Feedback/Archives, and a few other minor changes. Remember, use this one at your own risk, although feedback is appreciated. -- Ryan 22-Sep-2006 18:29 PDT

Well make some test against DB2 and it still didn't works. Put my Eclipse at works and found a potential problem. In testDatabase method of DatabaseConnection there is a line, sql = DatabaseHandler.CONNECTION_VALIDATION_QUERY; But at this time you shouldn't use DatabaseHandler static call but an instance of DatabaseHandler where the queryHandler as been set to DB2QueryHandler or OracleQueryHandler. Chicken and eggs problem. -- Henri 25-Sep-2006 16:37 CET
Yep, I should have caught that as I was writing it - lack of sleep I guess :) I'll get an alternate version out by the end of day for beta3. Sorry for the trouble! -- Ryan 25-Sep-2006 08:41 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 3

Here's the third beta for JAMWiki 0.3.5:

The big change in this version is the addition of pagination. I've tested on Oracle (somewhat), MySQL (just a little) and Postgres (fairly well tested). This beta also includes some miscellaneous fixes for problems in beta2, including a fix for the DB2 validation problem. I tried to download a trial version of DB2 to do some testing, but unfortunately it won't run on Windows XP and I didn't want to install it on my Linux box, so there are probably still several problems lurking with DB2 at this point. As always feedback is much appreciated. -- Ryan 25-Sep-2006 17:05 PDT

I forgot, but this beta also adds support for interwiki links such as ([[Wikipedia:InterWiki]]). By default English Wikipedia, Wikitravel and Meatball are supported, but /WEB-INF/classes/interwiki.properties can be edited to add others. -- Ryan 25-Sep-2006 22:55 PDT
DB2/400 SQL fail on some SQL calls since its synthax, at least in i5/OS release V5R3, is still a little different that one in DB2 UDB (Windows/Linux/Aix). I suggest you to add a DB2/400 entry in DB list and code to allow specific 'tuning/settings' of SQL synthax. I saw this error for example : An unknown system error has occurred. The error message is: Failure while executing select * from ( select *, rownumber() over (order by edit_date desc) as rownum from jam_recent_change where virtual_wiki_name = ? ) as jam_recent_change where rownum between ? and ? order by rownum. rownumber() and into() calls are still not supported on DB2/400 ;( -- Henri 26-Sep-2006 15:01 CET

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 4

Here's a fourth beta for JAMWiki 0.3.5. The only noticeable change is that I've split DB2 and DB2/400:

-- Ryan 26-Sep-2006 09:17 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 5

Here's a fifth beta for JAMWiki 0.3.5:

This beta includes fixes for DB2/400 issues reported by Henri, some parser changes that could use more testing, and a few other miscellaneous cleanups. I'm planning on moving into a bugfix/cleanup only mode after this, with the goal of getting a 0.3.5 final release by (hopefully) Friday. -- Ryan 27-Sep-2006 11:56 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 6

Here's (hopefully) the final beta for JAMWiki 0.3.5:

Changes include fixes for file persistency mode, and I've marked DB/2 as experimental since Henri is still reporting problems - most likely working DB/2 support won't appear until JAMWiki 0.4.0. Other changes include lots of new Javadoc, and an ANT target to build Javadoc. I need to do more testing with MySQL and Oracle, but provided those work properly this will become the final version of 0.3.5. If any of the translators want to submit updated translation files please use the Special:Translation tool and I'll include them in the final release. -- Ryan 28-Sep-2006 22:35 PDT

JAMWiki 0.3.5 beta 7

This is one more last-minute beta to address requests for MS SQL support by User:dlpa:

I don't know if MS SQL will actually work with this beta, but it's worth a try. Note that the system needs to be set up with "mssql" chosen as the database type, or for existing installations the /WEB-INF/classes/jamwiki.properties file can be updated to set the "database-type" key to "mssql". The final release will go out (hopefully) in the next few hours. -- Ryan 29-Sep-2006 11:43 PDT