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Comments:JAMWiki 0.2.1

JAMWiki 0.2.1

Archived from the Feedback page:

I'm currently waiting for Sourceforge support to fix an issue with the JAMWiki Subversion repository, and as a result am taking a short break from coding until that issue is resolved. Once it's fixed I'd like to work on image resizing for JAMWiki 0.2.1, which may be much easier than I originally anticipated. In addition, JAMWiki 0.2.1 should include some bugfixes - if there is anything that is particularly important to you that you want to see in the next release, please let me know. -- Ryan 13-Aug-2006 19:17 PDT

JAMWiki 0.2.1 code is now running on, including functionality to resize images. As is usual with beta releases this functionality has been given very little testing, so any comments and bug reports are very welcome. Image resizing can be done using syntax of the form:

[[Image:LocationSenegal.png|220px|Map of Senegal]]

Additional examples of image resizing can be viewed at Parser Test#Images. Downloads of the beta release are available as:

-- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 00:31 PDT

Here's my current to-do list of items. Most of these probably will not make it into JAMWiki 0.2.1 and will be pushed to the next release:

  • Only resize images within a certain size range - see Comments:Baby Elephant for the discussion. Implemented, but could use more testing.
  • Extra <p> tag is being included after the <a> tag in images - see Baby Elephant for an example. Hopefully fixed.
  • Resolve diff issues (see Known Issues).
  • Allow Wiki syntax in image captions (looks like it may be tricky to do, still looking at it). Implemented, but needs testing.
  • Allow pipe links in Wiki table syntax. Fixed.
  • Allow inter-wiki links such as [[:Wikipedia:Main Page]]. Infrastructure is in place for this, I just need to take an hour to look at it.
  • Look into Colin's issue with a shared JDBC jar file not being found.
  • Store translation files as Wiki topics (this will almost certainly get pushed to a later release).
  • Remove remaining usage of Utilities.getMessage(). Most are gone, the remaining ones may not be a problem.
  • Add a "User contributions" link from user pages.
  • Handle files by MIME type to determine when to use the <img> tag and when to use the <a> tag.
  • Address case sensitivity issues for topic names and user names.
  • Add validation to files, database settings, and other values updated through Special:Admin.
  • Display warning when uploading an image and an image of the same name already exists.
  • Provide a way to delete image files.
  • Uploading a second version of an image should display a record on the Special:RecentChanges page.
  • Delete jam_image table (still under consideration).
  • Add a jamwiki:param tag for use with jamwiki:link.
  • Fix issue with extra "/" in file history URLs.
  • Move WikiMessage and WikiException to the org.jamwiki package.
  • Do not display the delete tag for users who cannot delete, or for new topics.

-- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 11:18 PDT

I just pushed some updates to the diff code to There still seem to be problems in the diff code, though - some are probably bugs in my code, but others appear to be issues with the java-diff engine itself. I'll need to investigate a bit, and in the meantime some diffs might not be completely accurate. -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 18:39 PDT
This diff is a bug in my code that needs to be fixed. -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 20:47 PDT
Debugging info:
  • Diff: del: [31, -1] add: [31, 31]
  • Diff: del: [129, -1] add: [130, 130]
  • Diff: del: [138, -1] add: [140, 140]
  • Diff: del: [158, 159] add: [161, -1]
  • Diff: del: [161, 161] add: [162, -1]
  • Diff: del: [163, 163] add: [163, -1]
  • Diff: del: [165, 165] add: [164, -1]
Somewhat better now (no repeats anymore) but still not perfect... -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 21:14 PDT

The latest beta can be downloaded from:

-- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 23:33 PDT

Barring surprises JAMWiki 0.2.1 will probably be released either tomorrow or on Thursday. The remaining items on the to-do list don't appear to be critical - of the issues listed, the only one I'd really, really like to have fixed before making another release is the diff issues, but I think the remaining issues are with the java-diff engine, so it's unlikely I'll delve into that code. Allowing wiki syntax in image captions is another issue that might get included, depending on how difficult it is to implement. Let me know if there's anything else important for the next release, otherwise version 0.2.1 will go out soon and be very similar to what's currently running on -- Ryan 15-Aug-2006 23:49 PDT

Wiki syntax should now work in both image links AND in normal links:

  • [[Image:Foo|This is [[User:wrh2|my]] image]]
  • [[Sandbox|This is a '''bold''' link to the Sandbox]]

The code behind this change is a bit ugly, so testing and comments are appreciated. I'm gonna see if I can clean up the code at all, and then I'll start testing a bit more. -- Ryan 16-Aug-2006 12:42 PDT

I need to run through my normal round of pre-release testing, but unless new bugs are found the code below should become the final JAMWiki 0.2.1 release:

If I've missed anything that needs to be fixed before release, speak up now. Preliminary release notes for this release are at JAMWiki 0.2.1 (as an aside, if anyone has suggestions for making the release notes better, please discuss at Comments:JAMWiki 0.2.1). -- Ryan 16-Aug-2006 16:05 PDT

beta3 vs. final

Is the final 0.2.1 distribution exactly the same as beta3? -- scroco 17-Aug-2006 15:04 PDT

The last change that was made prior to tagging the 0.2.1 release was the fix for image links of the form [[Image:Foo|Link to [[Topic]]]], so provided that's included in beta3 (and I think it is) then they're the same. -- Ryan 17-Aug-2006 15:11 PDT

Named Anchor / Pipe Link within Table

Archived from the Feedback page:

When I try to use a named anchor / pipe link in a table, the link does not render correctly. Example:

This is
a Title
Thanks, I'll add this to the Bug Reports and get it fixed for JAMWiki 0.2.1. Sorry for the trouble. -- Ryan 14-Aug-2006 15:05 PDT