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JAMWiki 0.1.4

Archived from the Feedback page:

I think that it would be worth making one more minor release prior to introducing any major new features, so I've added JAMWiki 0.1.4 to the roadmap. Some items I'd like to include in this release include:

  • Use <label> tags for form elements.
  • Make the translation files Wiki topics with edit histories.
  • Fix Special:OrphanedTopics and Special:ToDoTopics to not display linked topics as orphaned, and not display existing topics as "to do".
  • Add some validation to the Special:Admin screen to hopefully prevent someone from breaking their system with a typo.
  • Remove (if possible) the Utilities.getMessage() method. It's mostly gone from a cleanup in 0.1.2, but there are three remaining instances.
  • Miscellaneous other cleanups and fixes.

If anyone else has any suggestions or requests please add them here or on the Roadmap page. -- Ryan 04-Aug-2006 13:07 PDT

JAMWiki 0.1.4 beta1 is now available. This release should address an issue raised by User:scroco that would prevent JAMWiki from being installed due to brain damage by the author of the installation code. It has been minimally tested by doing a clean install using MySQL, but has not undergone a full set of testing. This release also removes an unused jar file, upgrades log4j.jar to the latest version, and adds <label> tags for form elements. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 14:13 PDT

Since you're updating library files ... I noticed the following about the distribution:

WAR includes version 1.0, current version is 1.2.1

WAR includes version 1.0.3, current version is 1.0.4

WAR includes version 1.1.5, current version is 1.2.8

-- scroco 07-Aug-2006 14:40 PDT

Thanks - you just saved me some time trying to track down the latest versions of each of these! JAMWiki 0.1.4 will include the latest versions. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 14:49 PDT

JAMWiki 0.1.4 beta2 is now available, and source code can also be downloaded from Changes this time around:

  • Upgrade to javadiff 1.0.4.
  • Upgrade to Spring 1.2.8.
  • Instead of a single spring.jar, include only those Spring components that are actually used by JAMWiki (saves over 500k on the download).
  • Upgrade to commons-dbcp-1.2.1, remove deprecated references to AbandonedConfig and AbandonedObjectPool.
  • Remove check in PersistencyHandler.setupSpecialPages that was causing setup error for some users.

This release has undergone only minimal testing and is almost certain to contain some bugs due to the dependency library changes, so caution is warranted. Thanks again to scroco for feedback that was responsible for the majority of these changes. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 16:07 PDT

New code is now running on Changes in addition to the above include updates to the deletion code - deletes should now appear in the recent changes, the interface has been cleaned up, and non-delete edits of deleted content should be purged from recent changes after a delete. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 18:50 PDT
I added slightly different font colors to the recent changes page to indicate minor edits and deletes - you may need to do a "SHIFT + reload" to get the stylesheet to update so that you can see it. I have the aesthetic sense of a blind zebra, so if anyone likes/dislikes the change or would rather see it modified slightly please add feedback here. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 21:17 PDT

New code is now on - the changes this time include a vastly re-worked search engine, and will probably need more testing. There shouldn't be many user-visible changes, but the code is much, much simpler and makes better use of the Lucene functionality. For those interested, a new war file can be downloaded from and source is available from -- Ryan 08-Aug-2006 19:19 PDT

Quick update on the JAMWiki 0.1.4 release plans: in trying to track down why the orphaned pages and to-do topic functions weren't working I started digging into the guts of the search engine for the first time, and as a result ended up re-working the code to allow deleting 15 files and some other unneeded code, which was then re-implemented using some out-of-the-box Lucene functionality. I've found some additional areas where things can be simplified and performance can be improved, and also what looks like a possibly easy way to add "what links here" functionality to each page on the site. The end result is that most of the day tomorrow will probably be spent on further search refinements, with JAMWiki 0.1.4 most likely ready by Thursday or Friday. Additional items now slated for this release:
  • Fix up the XSS issues reported by NickJ on the Bug Reports page.
  • Minor validation checks for user/topic names.
If anyone has any questions, concerns, or other issues please let me know. -- Ryan 09-Aug-2006 01:24 PDT

Thank you much for continuing to post the source, it is appreciated. But I'm getting a 404 on the beta3 src file. -- scroco 09-Aug-2006 11:05 PDT

Sorry about that - I haven't automated the process of building the source files yet, and doing anything at 1:24 AM is obviously not a good idea for me. File name should be OK now, and I'll make sure I update my scripts to automate this today. -- Ryan 09-Aug-2006 11:01 PDT

I just pushed the latest code onto It can be downloaded from and source is available from The most visible change is the "Links" tab at the top of article pages, which shows what other topics link to that topic. Mediawiki puts that functionality in the left-nav, which might be a better place for it, so please let me know if you have a preference.

There are a few other bug fixes in here (including the "mailto:" link issue). With the overhaul to the search code and the splitting up of dependency jars the changes in this release are becoming significant enough that I may just bump the release number to 0.2.0. Work still to be done is a bit more cleanup of the search code and some bug fixes, including Nick's XSS issues and the underscore issue with topics. -- Ryan 09-Aug-2006 17:20 PDT

If anyone is interested, here's the latest code:
This code will report itself as 0.2.0 and will automatically upgrade the StyleSheet and also rebuild the search index. The final 0.2.0 release should happen in the next few days. -- Ryan 10-Aug-2006 20:38 PDT

I just pushed another update onto New changes include resolving some XSS security issues, code to prevent invalid characters from being used in topic/user names (\n, \r, ", ', >, <, {, }, =, /, \, [, ], or #), and a few other updates. I think that's the last of the major to-do items, so unless I've missed something I'll go into test mode now and try to get 0.2.0 out soon - the weekend is busy, so if it's not out by tomorrow afternoon it will probably slip to Monday. -- Ryan 11-Aug-2006 15:11 PDT

JAMWiki 0.2.0

Archived from the Feedback page:

I did a fresh install of the latest JAMWiki 0.2.0 code and didn't find any errors (yet) so this will likely be the final version or very close to it:

Some of the translations are a bit out of date, so if anyone speaks English & French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, etc. and wants to submit updated translations, please find the appropriate file from the /WEB-INF/classes/ directory in the source download above and translate away; translated files can either be sumitted here or emailed to me. The final release of JAMWiki 0.2.0 should happen early tomorrow, barring any unforeseen problems. -- Ryan 11-Aug-2006 18:05 PDT

I've updated Hungarian Translation in Special:Translation page. --bDaneE 12-Aug-2006 06:36 PDT
Thanks! I've updated the translation file in the source code repository, so it will be included with the next release. -- Ryan 12-Aug-2006 09:17 PDT

Orphaned Topic

Archived from the Feedback page:

Could you please explain orphaned topics and how it works?

Reason I ask is that I have see several orphaned topics even though I have references to them. These references are links within text. Thanks ~ CB 03-Aug-2006 04:55 PDT

The Special:OrphanedTopics functionality should work exactly like you're probably expecting it to, but there are some bugs (see Known Issues#Search). I haven't made fixing them a high priority since no one seemed to notice them, and also because the search engine code that controls that functionality is the only remaining area of the code base that is relatively unchanged from the original Very Quick Wiki code and I'm still not very familiar with exactly how it works, but I'll bump the issue up on the list now - it will be good to me to get more familiar with the Lucene search technologies anyhow :) Thanks for the report. -- Ryan 03-Aug-2006 10:40 PDT
After looking more closely at the code I may remove the orphaned & to-do functionality entirely. It may be possible to get it working again, but the performance will be absolutely terrible for any Wiki of even moderate size. I think it should still be possible to implement a "What links here" capability, which would be useful, and longer term there may be a way to re-introduce the orphaned and to-do topic functionality. Hopefully this doesn't cause you any headaches. -- Ryan 07-Aug-2006 23:55 PDT

mailto support?

Archived from the Feedback page:

I have been experimenting with JAMWiki and largely so far, so good.

One issue though: As of JAMWiki 0.1.3, it does not appear that or or linkname are supported. The examples of this feature on your [Wiki_Syntax] page are not functional. Am I missing something here?


Thanks for the feedback Steve. There's a bug in the parser - it's looking for "mailto:" instead of just "mailto:". I'll update and get the fix included in JAMWiki 0.1.4. Thanks for pointing it out! -- Ryan 09-Aug-2006 15:01 PDT