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JAMWiki 0.1.0

Archived from the Feedback page:

The plans for JAMWiki 0.1.0 are available on Roadmap#0.1.0. I've got section edits working locally but need to test them a bit more before I push the code to I'll also make a beta available for anyone who wants to test - they seem to work fine but the code is messy and there are probably some weird corner cases.

I'd also like to focus on error handling for this release, including implementing code to get the database to rollback transactions in the case of errors (currently it can leave things partially committed, which is very bad). XML import/export is also on the agenda. If anyone else has any requests please leave them here or on the Roadmap#Unscheduled page. With any luck this release should be ready for release by early next week. -- Ryan 21-Jul-2006 01:53 PDT

I've uploaded the new 0.1.0 code to, so section edits are now enabled. Feedback is appreciated. -- Ryan 21-Jul-2006 10:45 PDT
The current JAMWiki 0.1.0 beta version can be downloaded from Note that automatically upgrading from a beta version is not supported, so it is possible that using this beta may make it more difficult to upgrade to JAMWiki 0.1.0 when it is released, although I can help you through the process if necessary. -- Ryan 21-Jul-2006 11:00 PDT

I just pushed another update to New changes include:

  • A rewrite of a lot of the code used to build Wiki links (for example [[Bug Reports]]).
  • Support for creating Wiki links to a virtual Wiki (for example [[:virtual:Bug Reports]]).
  • Infrastructure that will eventually be used with XML import / export (not working yet).
  • The new Chinese translations from User:ewen0930.
  • A few other bugfixes and cleanups.

Please report any issues on the Bug Reports page. -- Ryan 24-Jul-2006 20:48 PDT

A few more updates are now running on The biggest change is the support for database rollback, so if something fails it won't leave half-committed transactions around. The next item on the to-do list is the ability to revert to a previous topic version, similar to Mediawiki (click on the "History" tab, edit an old version & save). Once that's done I'll probably start testing and try to get 0.1.0 out soon.
For anyone interested in testing, a new beta can be downloaded from As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. -- Ryan 25-Jul-2006 01:56 PDT

All of the major features planned for JAMWiki 0.1.0 are now in place, and the latest code is running on For those interested, another beta version is available for download from The JAMWiki 0.1.0 release notes have details about what is new. I'll most likely release the final version tomorrow with cleanups/fixes that may include any of the following:

  • CSS files aren't getting cached by the browser. Fixed.
  • Colin's virtual wiki suggestions (links of the form [[:virtual:Topic]] have already been implemented). UPDATE: Setting the default topic per virtual wiki will be supported. Redirection from /context/virtual isn't going to get into this release.
  • Additional code cleanups including the removal of hard-coded message strings.
  • The minor edit flag isn't being saved in the database or displayed in edit histories.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, issues, requests, or whatnot. -- Ryan 25-Jul-2006 15:38 PDT

UPDATE: I'm still hoping to get 0.1.0 out today, but it may slip a bit. The database rollback code caused some problems in testing, and while it seems to be working now the code has gotten ugly enough that I really need to clean it up a bit before releasing. Depending on how difficult that proves to be it may be another day or so before the new release is ready. -- Ryan 26-Jul-2006 16:09 PDT

The new database code has been tamed somewhat, although it's still pretty wild. The new beta can be downloaded from for anyone who is interested. IMPORTANT: if you installed a previous beta for JAMWiki 0.1.0 you must make sure that the wiki-version property in is set "wiki-version=0.0.9" prior to upgrading. This version changes the database schema slightly, and if the version is not set prior to 0.1.0 then the schema will not be updated. I'm especially interested in any problems people have with setup or upgrades using this new version. If no problems are reported and I don't find any issues while testing then something very similar to this beta will be released tomorrow as JAMWiki 0.1.0. -- Ryan 26-Jul-2006 20:40 PDT

Language packs for Chinese

Archived from the Feedback page:


Thanks! I'd like to add this translation to the source code repository - please just let me know if you're OK with releasing the file under the LGPL license and what name I should use to credit you in the CREDITS.txt file. Thanks again! -- Ryan 23-Jul-2006 13:21 PDT

my alias is Jiading, Use the file with releasing under the LGPL license if you wish. Thanks! My English is not good, and my email is ewen0930(a)

Your English is much better than my Chinese :) I've added the following credit in CREDITS.txt, but please let me know if you would prefer any changes:
     Chinese:               Jiading (ewen0930)
-- Ryan 24-Jul-2006 12:07 PDT