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JAMWiki 0.0.6

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I originally planned on putting JAMWiki 0.0.6 out earlier today, but I'm holding off a bit to get conversion from file-based persistency to database-persistency working. It works in the other direction, but there are a couple of issues that make the file-to-database conversion not work quite right. Once that's done, provided no other major bugs are found then 0.0.6 will go out. -- Ryan 14-Jul-2006 16:04 PDT

0.0.6 is out now. There ended up being a few big changes, including removal of all database sequences - loading the database from the file persistency data required updating sequences, and for various reasons (Oracle... grr...) it was easier to just get rid of the sequences and do a "select max(id)" to get the next available id on inserts. That will probably need to be cleaned up in the future, but it's not terribly evil.
If anyone finds any bugs let (other than the Known Issues) please me know - I'm done working for the night and may take it easy this weekend, but if any serious issues come up I'll get a quick fix out. Many thanks to Alexi for help in testing and debugging on this release. -- Ryan 14-Jul-2006 20:38 PDT


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I'm going to upgrade to the latest 0.0.6 code in a couple of minutes - if you're online right now expect the site to disappear for a minute or two. -- Ryan 13-Jul-2006 15:44 PDT

Done. File upload is the most visible new addition. -- Ryan 13-Jul-2006 15:57 PDT