What is marketing ?

what-is-marketingMarketing is a science which consists in designing the offer of a product according to the analysis of consumer expectations, and taking into account the capacities of the company as well as all the constraints of the environment (socio-demographic, competitive, legal, cultural…) in which it operates. Let’s see what does it mean !

What is marketing?

Marketing is the analysis of consumer needs and the set of actions used by organizations to influence their behaviour. It creates value for customers and adapts continuously production and the commercial system according to previously identified needs and behaviour.

Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is all actions and measures to adapt to the needs and behaviours that are essentially found in the marketing mix.

The marketing mix includes all the marketing decisions and actions taken to ensure the success of a product, service, brand or brand on its market.

It is traditionally considered that marketing mix decisions and actions are taken in 4 main areas which are:

  • product policy
  • the pricing policy
  • the communication policy
  • the distribution policy

These universes of marketing mix actions are also called 4 P because of the initials of these 4 terms :

  • Product,
  • Price,
  • Promotion,
  • Place.

In the minds of many people, marketing is advertising. The above definition shows that the field of marketing is much broader.

Plan marketing

The marketing plan is the result of the company’s strategic analysis. It allows to program the different actions and objectives. Following the internal and external analysis, it determines the target, the product mix, the objectives and the budget. It is an essential tool in the context of a product launch and the control of objectives after the launch.

Online Marketing changes the game

Since the advent of the Internet, digital marketing has become a fundamental element to be integrated by brands into their strategy.
Traditional media:

  • television,
  • radio,
  • cinema,
  • billboards,
  • the press

have seen their budgets reduced in favour of online marketing.

To succeed in its market and reach customers while retaining them, a company must adopt a strategic and effective marketing mix. This concept includes both online and offline marketing. This is not about marketers following their instincts or personal preferences: it is about adapting to the target and its expectations.

Marketing concepts

Marketing has led to many concepts such as:

  • Inbound/Outboud Marketing
  • Marketing permission
  • Online marketing (SEO, SEA, Email marketing, Social Media Marketing, Marketing automation, …)
  • Collaborative marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Ethnic marketing
  • Marketing of seniors
  • Database Marketing
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Mobile Marketing